For A Healthier Life – Grilling Is The Best Form Of Cooking

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How Does Grilling Create a Healthier Lifestyle

shrimp on skewers after marinade
Shrimp Skewered and Ready for the Grill

For A Healthier Life Grilling Is The Best Form Of Cooking. Grilling does more than just give you great flavors. Grilling also keeps the most of the main vitamins and minerals in place for proper nutrition. I will try to explain the importance of grilling in your life so you can have a life that is full of energy and health.

Finding that grilling adds more flavor to most foods will open your taste buds to wanting more great flavor. When you first bite into something that just came off the grill and that burst of flavor hits your taste buds it is almost magical. The flavors seem to be more robust and intense than when cooking inside.

Grilling gives you the opportunity for getting out of the house and getting some fresh air. This will help your overall immunes system so you can fight certain types of irritants that will plague you when you stay inside so often.

Another thing about grilling is that if you have children and they want to come outside to watch or help you grill. They will often play and want you to interact with them. This builds a stronger relationship with those closest to you. These are times that you will not want to miss, they are overlooked by most.

Grilling Brings Out The Flavor

Smoked Pork Butt
Pork Butt That Has Been Smoked for 4 Hours

It does not matter which type of grill you use – the food just tastes better. Using the right blend of seasonings or marinades should enhance the flavor 1000% and the benefits are off the charts.

No matter the food you grill, it will naturally be better for you. Some of the reasons for this is grilling locks in the vitamins and minerals. Your body needs to maintain a healthy weight and balancing the nutrients your body needs helps keep you healthy.

When grilling your food the need for oils, shortenings and other additives to flavor your food cook is decreased dramatically. You food when it is cooking allows any fat or oil to drip down and not be absorbed by your food.

Since your food is not absorbing the fats and oils, you are getting food that is healthier for you. This may in fact lead to losing some weight. That is good news for you since your heart will not have to work as hard.

Let’s talk about some of the cooking methods used for grilling. Starting with vegetables, were you aware that when you grill vegetables the vitamins and minerals are locked in. This gives not only the full nutritional value but also enhances the flavor.

Keeping Your Food Moist While Grilling

For some people, keeping the food moist is difficult. There are some things you can do to change that problem.

There are some things you can do to keep your food moist when grilling. Much of it depends upon what you are grilling or smoking.

One of my favorite things to do when I am grilling vegetables is to use a grill topper of grill basket. With most grill baskets you can flip them over so the opposite side can grill as quickly as the first side. This does two things. First, it allows your vegetables to cook somewhat faster without drying out. Secondly, it helps reduce the likelihood of your vegetables sticking to the grill.

Another thing you can do is have a pan of water or juice underneath the vegetables so they remain moist while cooking at the same time. Place the pan NEXT to the charcoal or burner to keep moisture in the grill.

Other people will wrap their vegetables in foil to help them cook. This gives you the opportunity to place them on the upper rack since they will cook more slowly there. It may take a few times to get the length of time adjusted for the right cooking time.

I sometimes use apple juice as a moisturizer next to the charcoal, you may put it in a sauce pan or small container that will hold up to the heat on a grill whether the grill is gas or charcoal. Your vegetables or meat will get an additional flavor the should be pleasing to you and your guests.

When Cooking for Long Periods of Time

You will want to do a few things if you are cooking for long periods or time. Most often that will be considered smoking. It is a must to have a pan of water or juice underneath the large cut of meat to keep it moisturized. The following video will show how to trim a brisket and how to smoke it for best results. Everyone has a method they prefer but the basics are the same.


How to Smoke a Brisket For A Healthier Life Grilling Is The Best Form Of Cooking

Seasonings Make For Healthier Living

spices for grilling
Favorite Spices for Grilling and Smoking

Choosing the right seasonings for grilling is not that difficult. Most people use more salt than they need. Some of the reasoning for that is because we are taught from an early age to put salt on everything.

People think extra salt is necessary. That was an opinion that stayed with me until I had open-heart surgery. Fortunately, realization came with healing. I started to experiment with different seasonings and to my amazement food tasted better and was better for me.

There are many herbs and spices out there that will enhance the flavor of your grilling or smoking better than salt and pepper. Salt and pepper have their uses but too often are overused.

Experiment with turmeric, paprika, chili power, garlic powder, fresh garlic, thyme, saffron, basil. Each of these are popular in different parts of the world but are becoming more popular everyday. The proper use of spices can significantly up your game when it comes to grilling. Others may give you their opinion about how you are not doing it their way, that’s ok.

Finding the Right Method of Grilling Can Keep You Healthy

All people have different tastes, likes and dislikes but the addition of different spices to your grilling also brings about more health benefits that you may be unaware of. Garlic for example is good for the heart. Turmeric is good for the heart and also helps stabilize blood sugar, cinnamon does something similar.

Grilling is healthier for you in ways that are not discussed at this time. There are many features of grilling that should make you think about how healthy it is.

  • less fat in your diet
  • vitamins and minerals are retained not poured down the drain
  • can be used for weight loss under the right circumstances
  • use of spices and herbs can enhance the flavors
  • builds better communication with family and friends
  • can help lower blood pressure
  • can help control blood sugar with the use of the right spices

The manner in which you grill will have a direct impact upon the health benefits of grilling. There are several ways to grill. You can sear, smoke or slow cook without the primarily smoking. For example, if you want to use a Dutch Oven on the grill for stews or another item that needs to simmer for long periods of time then you do not necessarily have to use smoke.

There are many techniques to grilling that don’t have a need for high heat such as a sear. You could be roasting a chicken or possibly allowing vegetables to cook in foil to allow other items to finish so all items can be taken off the grill at one time.

You will be pleased when you grill at medium heat if you are grilling turkey, roast, or chicken. The temperature at this heat allows your food to cook evenly but not so fast that it does not cook internally.

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22 thoughts on “For A Healthier Life – Grilling Is The Best Form Of Cooking”

  1. Man, you hit the point exactly in regards to grilling giving you control over your own health. I gave up fast food several years ago and had never really eaten vegetables in my life. I can not explain the joy I felt eating some of those veggies I had prepared myself and many of them on the grill like zucchini and squash. Have you ever tried to eat without salt? It is difficult if you’re used to using it but once you knock it out, you don’t miss it.

    • Joseph,

      Grilling can have a great effect upon living a healthy lifestyle. You receive more nutrition from the food you grill as well as getting a better flavor. I generally do not use very much salt since having too much salt in your diet is bad for your health. I compensate by using spices and herbs. There is salt of some form in most of them and you get more flavor and other healing properties from them.


  2. I want to add another benefit of grilling, it makes for less clean-up, Lol!  My husband loves to grill outside when the weather is nice, and I agree that the food just tastes so much better!  Meat has more flavour, and vegetables taste better too.  There are far fewer dishes to clean up after, which is a huge benefit to me.

    I love your tip of using apple juice to add moisture, I will have to try that out.  I’m sure it adds some really nice flavour.

    Thanks for sharing, after a long winter, it’s nice to finally get back outside to enjoy grill season.

    • When you are preparing to grill, you should clean your vessels as you go. That way there is less cleanup after your grilling event. This way everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the occasion. The food tastes better and the fellowship is sweeter.

      I have found using apple juice not only keeps my meat moist but does add a sweet component to my flavor profile. It also helps tenderize the meat as it is grilling.


  3. Since I often make barbecues with my family and friends, I’m glad I read this text. You also gave very good advice on grilling food. It is healthier but also tastier. My favorite are grilled vegetables and of course mushrooms. The meat is also prepared with special spices and marinade before roasting.

    • Bojana,

      Grilling is not only fun but it is nutritious as well. I have been getting away from meat and going more to vegetables and fruits in the last couple of years. Mushrooms are a particular favorite of mine, especially when I grill them with onions. The proper use of spices can bring out the flavor of meat much easier than when the meat is cooked inside. Try grilling corn: this is my recipe for grilling corn. About an hour before your meat is done put your corn on the top rack of the grill. My version:

      clean your corn of husks and silk

      put on a sheet of aluminum foil that will cover the corn completely and seal

      butter on top of the corn, you may also want to put some chipotle chili powder on it as well

      seal the foil

      temperature on the grill should be no lower the 300 F

      grill for at least 30 minutes check for doneness if not fully cooked resume the process

      once the corn has finished  take out of foil and enjoy.


  4. Grilling is more convenient Grilling allows for a shorter amount of time when preparing meals compared to other methods such as frying or baking. A grill can cook food in a fraction of the time, making the method both expedient and convenient. When grilling, you also get to enjoy the outdoors instead of being confined in a kitchen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    • Emma,

      Grilling can take a shorter period of time to cook but it depends upon what is being cooked. For example, a brisket may take as long as 12 hours to smoke but the flavor is exceptional. I agree that you can enjoy the outdoors when grilling and it can help to build a better bond between family and friends.


  5. Wow what a great post this was. I love food but have recently decided to try and take a healthier route to my everyday cooking so this was the perfect post for me to see. You have the perfect combination between writing and pictures while keeping the pictures relevant to what your saying. All in all im a happy reader.

    • Isarc,

      Grilling has been around since the beginning of time. We have gotten away from it in the last couple of centuries and have lost a great deal of our ability of our bodies fighting off infections. This is due to most of the vitamins and minerals being poured down the drain. Grilling seals in those vitamins and minerals. You eat with your eyes first before you actually taste. I try to show at each stage what you should expect. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  6. I like this article and has opened my eyes to the way grilling is way better. I never knew that grilling keeps all the vitamins and minerals inside the meat, so that’s great to know especially if I am trying to look at what I eat. I agree with the fact that grilling brings out more flavour as I have found out when I have BBQs.

    • Michael,

      Grilling seals in the vitamins and minerals in meat as well as fruits and vegetables. As a result you get better nutrition that will help your body fight off most infections longer and give your body a chance to heal. You naturally have more flavor since the vitamins and minerals have been sealed in. You will get closer to a natural flavor with the grill.


  7. I have always wondered if grilling my food keeps the needed vitamins in or do they burn out! With your guide, I know grilling is important and am going to start grilling more often now after reading your guide. Especially a good steak and let be moist and tender without being undercooked.  Have booked marked your website and shared on social media.

    • Janette,

      I have always wondered about the claim about grilling being healthier than cooking in the kitchen. I was talking to my doctor a couple of years ago and was surprised by his admission that people who grill are some of his healthiest patients. He claimed that their cholesterol was lower and tended to have lower blood sugar if they grilled without the use of sugar in their marinades or rubs. I started to do some research and found this to be mostly true. Simple seasonings are often the best way to go but the flavors can be enhanced by using rubs or marinades with limited salt and sugar. The flavor profile just explodes with additional flavor.


  8. I have always loved grilling on the weekends with my family when I was younger. The fresh air, the conversations, family time, and of course the good food. I have missed that since I have moved out. I do sometimes visit on the weekends when  they are grilling. 

    I didn’t realize how much healthier it was to grill but it makes sense since the food isn’t sitting in oil or grease. I didn’t think about the fact the foods absorbs the fat and oils up. 

    You are right about the salt, I have or known people hat put was too much salt on. I have tried to cut back on salt and use other seasonings in things. I have found that the less salt I use the more flavor my food has. 

    Thank you!

    • Reggie,

      I found that the overuse of salt contributed to problems with my heart about 20 years ago. My wife when she found out put me on a salt restricted diet at that point. Unfortunately, she did not start using different spices until I retired. I started adding different spices to the foods I grilled and the difference was worth noting. My wife now is experimenting with different spices to give us a new and exciting flavor for our meals. This has helped me achieve a better, healthier life.


  9. Everything tastes better grilled!  And summer is almost here so it’s that time for the grill.  I do have a grill that I move to the garage for the colder time of the year which really is pretty much not very often (I live in Florida).  I never thought about the fact that the food is healthier.  But steaks and chicken and ribs all seem to be moister and more tender.

    • Leahrae,

      Everything always tastes better on the grill. Since you live in Florida, you should be able to grill more often, even when it is cooler. This will enable you to enjoy the health benefits of the grill longer than just in the summertime. Grilling helps preserve the vitamins and minerals in your food to help you lead a healthier life. Steaks, chicken, ribs and shrimp always have a better flavor when grilled.


  10. My husband will light the fire to have a barbeque at every possible opportunity, and I love it. The smells coming from food cooking is just great, and it is great to know that it can be a healthier way of cooking, with less fat and oil being used. It also seems to make time spent in the kitchen much shorter, with time spent around the barbeque being more social. 

    We often do vegetable parcels, which is a lovely way of cooking the veggies wrapped in tin foil, on the grill. It retains the moisture and means far less cleaning up as well. Here’s to the next bbq. 

    • The aroma of food being grilled is one that most people agree is most satisfying. Some people are envious that you are having grilled food while they are not. The absence of fats due to grilling gives your food more flavor and helps it become more nutritious. The time spent in food prep may seem shorter since the food is grilled. The time the food is being grilled does make social interaction better and deeper.

      One of my favorite recipes for vegetables grilled is this:

      2 russet potatoes sliced  medium thickness

      1 tsp olive oil

      1 pkg ranch dressing mix( coat the potatoes until well coated)

      foil to use as a wrap

      place potatoes and oil in foil wrap and place on the grill.

      I normally have this on the grill at 350F for about 30 minutes.

      Check doneness. If not done to your liking place back on grill for additional cooking time.

      Serve and enjoy.


  11. Hello Jerry. Until now I was under the impression that grilling is not very healthy and I didn’t eat grilled food very often even I love it. You are right, grilled food is very tasteful, especially eating outside. And I have to agree with you on the herbs. When I cook, doesn’t matter what way, I always youse different kinds of herbs and a little salt. It is healthier and tastes better.

    • Nat,

      Most people view grilling as not being healthy for you. Part of the reason for this is lack of proper information. Large companies sell the convenience of using their products, forgetting that less than 100 years ago most of our food was grilled in some form. This includes the use of cast iron which is very good for most people since it adds iron( a much need mineral) to our diet. 

      Food that is grilled has so much more flavor than conventional food. The aroma and flavor of grilled food makes one appreciate the food they consume much more. If people use more herbs and spices on their foods as they prepare it then they can avoid some of the more common health issues.



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