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Camp Chef Pellet Grill – Review To Create Amazing Smoke

The Camp Chef pellet grill creates an amazing smoke flavor but, without the hassles you get from other grills. In this review of the Camp Chef pellet grill, we will discuss some of the features of this grill, both good and bad. This pellet grill helps create some of the tastiest meals you would ever want to eat.

You have looking forward to this day, so you would be able to smoke and grill for your own pleasure. You have purchased your Camp Chef pellet grill, now you need to learn to use it correctly. This grill is small enough to learn on but large enough to have a few friends over.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top temperature of the Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

The top temperature of the Camp Chef pellet grill is 500F.

Quick Overview Of The Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24

The specifications of the Camp Chef pellet grill surprised you with all the ways you can use your new Camp Chef pellet grill. You find that you can smoke, grill, bake, roast, braise, and barbeque. Now that you have approximately 540 inches of cooking space, even though it’s small, gives you the space you need to start your journey with pellet grills.

BrandCamp Chef
Model NameSmokePro DLX 24 Pellet Grill (Black)
Power SourceWood
Item Weight127 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH45 x 21 x 51 inches
Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24
Camp Chef Pellet Grill
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With a hopper that can hold up to 18 pounds of pellets, you can cook for hours without any worries. You will find most wood pellets are suitable to use on this pellet grill; depending on what you are cooking will determine which flavor of pellets to use.

Let’s Unbox The Camp Chef DLX 24

You have selected the Camp Chef pellet grill DLX 24 to be your grill of choice and can’t wait to get your grill unboxed and ready to go. Your concentration is often interrupted by the smell of roasting meat, which you keep anticipating. Anticipation has you determined to assemble your grill quickly so you will be able to start your grilling journey.

The size of the box your grill arrived in has you wondering if you can assemble this grill on your own or whether you need to call a friend. You open your box and immediately start to separate the parts while you are looking for the owner’s manual.

As you read the owner’s manual, you learn that it will not be as difficult as you first thought. Looking at the tools required, you see that you have all the tools required. As you lay the parts out, you find the directions to be clear and concise. To your surprise, the hardest part of the assembly has already been done for you; the hopper has already been preassembled. As with the hopper, you also find the auger has also been installed; this takes another worry off you.

Following the directions, assembling your grill has gone smoothly and without incident. As you followed the manuals instructions, you find that it only took about an hour to assemble your grill.

This video gives you step-by-step directions that are also in your manual. You may pick up a few tips in the process. It covers the basics of assembling your new pellet grill while helping you understand the firing process. You will also learn how to use the control panel for its best use.

Learning How To Set Your Temperature

Part of learning how to set your temperature, you will need to learn how to use your control panel. Your control panel has several different settings on it that will help you with the item you wish to cook. You will find that the first thing you need to do is what is called the first burn. This will help you burn off any manufacturing residue, burning this residue off helps protect your grill and keeps your food tasting the way it should.

The startup section of your control panel is used when you are starting your grill for your cooking experience, this is what allows your grill to heat up. Following the startup, you have already decided that ribs will be the first thing to smoke on your pellet grill. Since Camp Chef was nice enough to have a recipe on ribs, it looked tasty, delicious, and easy to do.

The startup section of the manual got your grill to the right temperature quickly, changing the setting will just be a turning of the dial. Since this will only take a few minutes, changing to another setting will not be a problem.

A little tip I learned with other grills, take a cast iron griddle used for cooking bacon, place it on your grates and set your temperature to high. Allow the cast iron to heat up, cast iron gets hotter than the regular grill and will allow you to sear.

Ready To Grill

Your initial burn is a very important step when you first use your pellet grill. It allows you to burn off any manufacturing residue that remains; it also means your food will not have any of the chemicals from manufacturing process. Another reason for the first burn, it will help protect your grill and keep the warranty in place.

If you find you are losing smoke, then you are losing heat as well. Look for any areas where smoke is showing around the edge of the lid and apply heat resistant gaskets to that area. This allows me to keep the smoke and heat in the chamber, not out in the air. Just knowing my neighbors are smelling my food grilling, while building the anticipation of how it will taste.

When you are laying out your pellet grill and parts, you will find that Camp Chef included some recipes for you to try. These recipes are designed to be very tasty and have you coming back to them to use repeatedly. Camp Chef has also included a website for their recipes to try.

I have found that a large number of the recipes use olive oil in them. You may be looking for recipes or food to grill online. There are a great number of them to choose from, you will want to find one that works well with your grill. Camp Chef has over 200 recipes on its website that are designed to work with your pellet grill. You will even find recipes for cheeseburgers, smoked trout, chicken wings and more.

Types Of Tools Most Often Used For Grilling

You will find that having the right tools when grilling makes it much easier and more efficient. Each tool has a specific function to make your grilling experience that much better. Having the proper tools makes moving your food that much easier for you.

You will need tools for flipping, such as a spatula. Cleaning your grates is something you will want to do each time you use your grill, this helps keep your grates clean. Not only are you keeping your grates clean but you are keeping harmful bacteria out of your food.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill
Camp Chef Pellet Grill Tools

Depending upon what you are grilling or smoking, your basting brush can be your best friend. It applies sauce evenly on your food, such as ribs or brisket. It also serves another purpose, it helps maintain the moisture level in your food. This allows your ribs or brisket to have plenty of moisture when you go to slice and eat. Another thing you can do to keep moisture in your food, take an aluminum pan and fill it with your favorite fruit juice of water and place it on the opposite end of your grill.

Benefits Of The Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24

  • This grill is easy to assemble, it takes about an hour.
  • Provides even temperatures for smoking, the temperature variance is about 10 degrees fahrenheit.
  • You have the option of having addons for additional ways of grilling, some of the models have the capacity for additional units being added. One such example is adding a gas oven on the end.
  • This grill has a three year limited warranty, always include pictures when going online for any problems. This helps find a solution faster and with better accuracy.

Drawbacks Of The Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX24

  • Unfortunately, the Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24 does not have wifi capabilities, but it still has Gen2 technology.
  • It may flameout (flame within firepot goes out) needing to restart.
  • Ash may blow into cooking chamber.

Some Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Camp Chef

This video gives you step-by-step directions that are also in your manual. You may pick up a few tips in the process. It covers the basics of assembling your new pellet grill while helping you understand the firing process. You will also learn how to use the control panel for its best use.

First Look At Your Pellet Grill

My Thoughts On The Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX24

After reviewing this grill, This grill is great for beginners and small households. The cooking chamber, while small, is large enough to grill or smoke most meats and meals in. This allows a beginner time to adjust to using a pellet grill. Often, a beginner will try to take shortcuts in the startup process, this is often caused by the experience they had with other types of grills.

Once, you have assembled your grill, the excitement of having your Camp Chef pellet grill may cause you to try to bypass some of the steps that are recommended to follow. I have seen experienced grillers grilling as if the were using charcoal or gas.

The large wheels that are on one end of your Camp Chef pellet grill makes moving your grill easier. Having this ability helps the firepot maintain its heat without having to feed more pellets into the firepot. One side-effect of moving your grill is the control you have for the duration of your cooking time.

Click on the grill below to order your Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill DLX 24


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