How to grill amazing leg quarters

Remembering great grilled chicken

Grilled chicken is one of our favorite foods. For some people, it is easy to grill it too long. One of the things I do is to marinate my chicken for two to three hours before I put it on the grill. I make sure my grill is clean before I put anything on it. I often put some olive oil on the grates to help reduce any chances of sticking. The next thing I do is make sure my temperature is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

I personally use a charcoal grill for most of my grilling. It depends upon what I am grilling as to which I use charcoal or gas. I like the smoky flavor from charcoal so I use it more often. At this time of the year, most people have put away their grills or are about to. I find grilling to be an exciting past-time any time of the year.

Just remember the smell of chicken roasting on the grill and how it makes you anticipate the savory flavor of taking that first bite. The skin nice and crisp with all of the juices and flavor exploding into your mouth. That first bite that makes you go ooooh or aaaah. The fresh taste of chicken that has been perfectly prepared and how it makes your mouth water wanting more. You get full-throated flavor that makes you ravenous for more. You have to be quick though otherwise you will be left wanting and desiring another piece of that savory perfection that just falls off the bone into your waiting lips. You feel as if your world is whole with such succulent food before you.
Pair with the chicken some corn that has been roasted on the grill. You might want to put a little chili powder on the corn before grilling or some other flavor. I like it plain or with a little chili powder. Roast the corn until you get just a little char on it but remember you have to turn it on occasion to keep it from burning but still get that fantastic roasted flavor that is second to none.

I will sometimes grill other vegetables to go with my corn and chicken like asparagus or stuffed jalapeno peppers. I stuff my peppers with feta cheese. You can use whatever tastes best for you.

You are the one in charge. You are the one who ultimately gets the thrill from family and friends when every morsel is eaten and everyone is satisfied with such a wonderful meal.

Choosing the right leg-quarters for grilling

You must remember when choosing your leg quarters, a couple of things that are crucial are: skin must be on, this gives better flavor, another thing to look for are broken bones.

The reason to have the skin on the leg-quarters is for added flavor. After you take the leg-quarters out of the marinade, pat it dry. One way to enhance the flavor is to put some of the seasoning under the skin as well as some butter(my favorite) or oil as well.

I try to make sure that the quarters are large. While this may take longer, the flavor is extraordinary. By cooking just a few minutes longer you get a much better flavor than you would from smaller quarters. The smaller quarters while they cook quicker are prone to dry out easier.

Some tasty sides to go with your leg quarters

I will often take my cast iron pot and put my vegetables in it. I do this since I already have my grill going. I will put a variety of different vegetables in. I mostly use potatoes that I have diced, onions that are quartered, a few sliced jalapenos, some carrot rounds. I will put enough chicken stock in to have about one quarter to one half inch in the bottom. I cover with the lid and put on the cooler side so it does not overcook or scorch.

If I do not use my cast iron pot then I will grill some asparagus or sweet peppers. The asparagus will be wrapped in bacon and cooked as I finish grilling the leg quarters. The sweet(bell) peppers I will halve them and stuff with my favorite cheese. If I grill jalapenos then I stuff them with a feta-mozzerella cheese mixture. I grill the peppers until they start to blister and the cheese starts to melt.

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