How to Smoke Chicken for Tasty Deliciousness

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Roasted Chicken Full of Flavor

Remembering Having Great Chicken With Such Deliciousness

Grilled chicken is one of my favorite foods. There is nothing like the flavor of chicken when it just comes off the grill. The smoky aroma, the moist taste and tenderness of grilled chicken as it melts in your mouth.

One of the things I do is marinate my chicken for two to three hours before I put it on the grill. I make sure my grill is clean before I put anything on it. Using olive oil on the grates may help reduce any chance of the chicken or vegetables sticking.

Grilling chicken is almost an art. It does not matter if you use charcoal or gas to grill chicken. If you want a smoky flavor on your chicken then you may want to use charcoal.

I like the smoky flavor from charcoal so I use it more often. At this time of the year, most people have put away their grills or are about to. I find grilling to be an exciting past-time any time of the year.

Just remember the smell of chicken roasting on the grill and how you anticipate the savory flavor of taking that first bite. The skin nice and crisp with all of the juices and flavor exploding into your mouth.

That first bite that has all that savory goodness running down your chin. The fresh taste of chicken that was perfectly prepared. The way it makes your mouth water looking for more.

You get full-throated flavor that makes you ravenous for more. You have to be quick though. Others are wanting more of that tasty chicken that was perfectly prepared. You feel as if your world is whole with such succulent food before you.

Choosing the Right Leg-Quarters For Grilling

Smokey Wings and Leg Quarters

You must remember when choosing your leg quarters, a couple of things that are crucial are: skin must be on, another is to look for are broken bones.

The reason to have the skin on the leg-quarters is for added flavor. After you take the leg-quarters out of the marinade, pat them dry. Putting the marinade on after the pat down is to add as much flavor as you can.

One way to enhance the flavor is to put some of the seasoning under the skin as well as some butter(my favorite) or oil as well.

I try to make sure that the quarters are large. While this may take longer, the flavor is extraordinary. Those few minutes will you get a much better flavor than you would from smaller quarters. The smaller quarters while they cook faster are prone to dry out easier.

Some Tasty Sides to go With Your Leg Quarters

Pair with the chicken some corn that has been roasted on the grill. You might want to put a little chili powder on the corn before grilling or some other flavor. I like it plain or with a little chili powder. This is similar to Mexican street corn, very tasty.

Roast the corn until you get just a little char on it but remember you have to turn it on occasion to keep it from burning but still get that fantastic roasted flavor that is second to none. Roasting your corn this way helps to enhance the flavor and make it sweeter.

I will sometimes grill other vegetables to go with my corn and chicken like asparagus or stuffed jalapeno peppers. I stuff my peppers with feta cheese. Try to find out which vegetables your guests prefer, this will make for a more successful experience.

Using Cast Iron can Enhance Your Dishes

I often use cast iron griddles and pots to enhance or give a different flavor to some of my dishes.

Vegetables with great flavor when grilled

Often, I will use my cast iron pot to create a new dish for added flavor. When you try to add flavor and create new dishes that become family favorites, you are on the way to becoming the person that family and friends go to for flavorful, savory meals.

This is a recipe that my family loves for a simple meal.

  • 3 medium potatoes diced
    • 1 medium yellow or white quartered onions
    • 3-4 jalapenos diced
    • 2-3 carrots cut into rounds
    • chicken stock enough to cover the bottom of the pot to 1/2 inch

Should you decide to try the above recipe but want meat there is another alternative way to prepare this recipe. Grill your leg quarters half way.

  • Prepare your cast iron pot by heating it
  • leg quarters in bottom of pot
  • add vegetables from above and cover with lid
  • place pot on cool side of grill for about 45 minutes.

This is a savory dish to be enjoyed by all.

Grilling Vegetables for Savory Sides

Grilling asparagus, sweet peppers, jalapenos and other vegetables are family favorites as well. Some people like the asparagus to be wrapped in bacon and grilled while I finish grilling the leg quarters.

Take sweet bell peppers place them on the grill until they start to blister then turn them. Another favorite is jalapenos. Take the jalapenos and cut them in half lengthways, take the seeds out and replace with a feta-mozzerrla cheese mixture. I grill the peppers until they start to blister and the cheese starts to melt.

Still another favorite, this one is basically a dessert, take peaches, remove the pits, place them on the grill until the skin starts to bubble(blister) turn them onto the cut side for just a moment or two to seal the flavor in. It makes for a naturally sweet desert that is sure to please

You are the one in charge. You are the one who ultimately gets the thrill from family and friends when every morsel is eaten and everyone is satisfied with such a wonderful meal. When family and friends gather at the table for a meal, love is welcomed in their midst. Such times as these need to be shared with all to make our lives better for the sharing of love and friendship.

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22 thoughts on “How to Smoke Chicken for Tasty Deliciousness”

  1. My love for chicken is unsatisfied ever since I knew chicken. This post has just made it better by explaining the wonderful method of grilling chicken. It feels like you are actually eating every beat of the chicken explained in this article, so visual. I will be using this method to grill my tender chicken meat and actually introduce it to my beloved friends. I’ll actually boast about it since it’s such a wonderful lesson to learn in one’s mortal life.

    • Once you learn to grill chicken, you will want to grill or smoke it on a regular basis. The flavor of grilled chicken is amazing. I love to grill chicken for the flavor and how easy it is to do. You may find rubs and marinades that will take the flavor to the next level of flavor.


  2. Thank you for the great tips. Marinade is a great point that is often over looked on Grilled chicken, I am a great fan of Garlic and Thyme for Grilled chicken, these along with lemon juice make a great “Mediterranean” type marinade. I agree with you on using the Grill “out of season” – On a crisp cold winter day there is something really special about warming your self around a grill while cooking a healthy and satisfying meal!

    Cheers  – Mike

    • Mike, 

      I enjoy garlic and thyme as well. I will use lemon juice mixed with lime juice to help develop my flavor profile to be one that is indeed mouthwatering. The results speak for themselves. It is always grilling season for me.


  3. Wow! My mouth was watering throughout my reading of how to smoke chicken for tasty deliciousness. Your advice was very sound about the types of chicken quarters to choose and how long to cook them for. You talked about marinating the chicken before placing it on the grill. When I clicked on the word “marinade” it took me to a post about smoking brisket, not a marinade recipe. You might want to check this. Nevertheless, a great post to read and enjoy.

    • Jenni,

      I will check that link on marinade. If it is not working properly then I will send you my favorite marinade. It has been tried and tested. You will want to keep it a secret so that your secret stays safe. I enjoy grilling and smoking around the year. I have found that it is healthier for me and my family.

  4. I am always looking for some new ideas for dinner. I have never smoked chicken before! I’ve baked and fried but never grilled or smoked. Thank you for the side ideas. Currently, we are experiencing another snowstorm so I will not be pulling out the grill yet but I can’t wait! I will definitely try this when spring arrives!

    • Nicole,

      I am sure that once you have the opportunity for grilling or smoking that you will find the flavor of grilled chicken to be fantastic. There are so many ways you can grill chicken, it all depends upon the flavors you prefer. You will find that vegetables have a completely different flavor once they are grilled.


  5. I love barbequed chicken but I was wonder what kind of seasoning you put on your chicken? I love the idea of putting chili powder on corn I never thought of that, I will definitely be trying that the next time I cook. Whenever i put chicken on the grill i always just put a little bit of salt and pepper but having a new way to cook it would be great and now thanks to this post i need to get a cast iron pot.

    • Daniel,

      I use a variety of spices on my chicken. It all depends upon the flavor profile I am going for. Some of my favorite herbs are basil, oregano, chili, lemon juice, lime juice and mustard. I also put butter(real) under the skin if I am smoking a whole chicken. These are but a few. Try experimenting with different spices. One thing I do when I try a different profile, when I get my spices added together I will smell them to see if they have a pleasant fragrance.

  6. Just this week, I read your blog on improving your grilling and asked about options that are not pork and this was perfect for me! I love how thorough your directions are to follow and that you also include directions for side dishes. This really takes the planning and stress out of cooking for me. Thanks for another easy to follow article!

    • Emilie,

      I am pleased to learn that I was able to help you with some of the methods I use for grilling. I  understand that not everyone eats pork so I am especially happy to know I helped you with another protein. Vegetables are great on the grill and offer great nutrition since the vitamins are sealed in the cooking process. For an extra treat, try grilling some fruit for a surprisingly tasty dessert.


  7. Some great information here on how t cook the perfect chicken. My question to you is what spices would you say are best to season a chicken with. I like my food with lots of flavours but more times than not I put spices and herbs on my chicken and they just burn. How do I prevent that from happening in the future?

    • Michael,

      I use a variety of flavors. It depends upon the flavor profile I am wanting to develop. One of the best ways to keep your spices from burning is to use a lower heat. It may take longer to grill your chicken or whatever protein you are preparing but it also ensures that you will have a successful grilling event.


  8. Grilling is an art. It needs patience and practice to bring a grilled dish to perfection, that one can enjoy the genuine test and freshness and texture of it.

    One can be non veg or vegetarian to get joy from grilled dishes.

    May people prefer grilled chicken on charcoal over gas. Thanks for the details of grilling to give it smoky, moist and easy to eat.

    I am vegetarian and use cast iron over charcoal and gas. Besides having iron in the grilled food, one can use less oil compared to frying  without compromising test.

    one of these day, I will try grilling peaches in your way.

    • Anusuya,

      One of my favorite dishes is all vegetable. 

      cube 2 medium to large potatoes

      dice 2 carrots

      dice 1 white onion

      dice 1 stalk of celery

      1 tablespoon of cilantro

      1 tablespoon of chili powder

      2 jalapeno peppers diced.

      1/4 cup water or broth

      Heat grill to 350F

      Put enough oil in the bottom of the pan to cover get it hot

      Add vegetables carefully to avoid splatter

      Cover and check after 30 minutes. If the larger chunks of potato are done then take off heat.

      If the potatoes are not done then leave on another 15 minutes. 

      I hope you enjoy this recipe.


  9. As a grill fanatic myself, I really enjoyed reading this article. These are all great tips to make the chicken even tastier. I particularly like your suggestion to pat the leg quarters dry and add the marinade afterward. I also prefer larger quarters, even though it takes longer to cook them!

    • Leg quarters are my favorite on the grill unless I am smoking the entire chicken. One of the main reasons to pat the leg quarters dry is to give the rub or marinade something to hold onto and not just slide off. Larger leg quarters may take longer to grill but that means they have a deeper more complex flavor than smaller quarters. The larger quarters have a better flavor since they are getting some of the flavor from the marrow of the bone.


  10. Hey Jerry!

    I’m actually heading to a BBQ this weekend and as a huge chicken fan, I was looking for a nice recipe, glad I found this.

    While I’m okay with burgers and hot dogs, some nice chicken adds a little bit of more adult feel to the BBQ haha, the vegetables are a wonderful touch, will try this out this recipe out this weekend, time to prep some chicken, thank you!

    • Not only does grilling chicken add a bit more to a cookout but the flavor profiles can be added to with the right rubs and marinades. Once you get used to grilling chicken you will find that it becomes a favorite for you and your family. The price of meat is going up each week and this will give you an economical protein to grill.

      Vegetables have long been overlooked as an item to grill. Once you learn to grill vegetables, cooking them on the stovetop may become less desirable. Grilling vegetables helps lock in the nutrients that are naturally there and do not require as much seasoning unless you want to try a different flavor profile.


  11. Good grief Jerry, you don’t half write articles that make my mouth water!! I’d love you to cook for me sometime haha. Great information on this site, and if I ever get into grilling, I know exactly where I’ll come for advice!
    All the best

    • Matthew,
      Grilling is a passion of mine with the exception of the Holy Rosary and following the instructions of Christ. Those are always first.
      I love to write about something we all do which is eat. I believe that all food should be properly prepared and tasty. There are a large variety of ways to prepare our food so that it is tasty and delicious. Knowing and using different ways of preparing and seasoning your food will increase your appreciation of food from different parts of the world,


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