Royal Gourmet 30 in Charcoal Grill

Royal Gourmet 30 inch Charcoal Grill for the New Pitmaster

This review of the Royal Gourmet 30 in charcoal grill shows you how to become a Pitmaster. You always wanted to be a Pitmaster with your grilling and smoking. I will show you how to become the new Pitmaster in your neighborhood. As always, I will give you a thorough review of this grill/smoker.

Having the option of using the Royal Gourmet Grill as a grill or as a smoker is best decided by what you are grilling. This grill is a wonderful piece of equipment for becoming a grill master for family and friends; it is easy to learn to grill on and have fun with. Grilling is not only for great food, but to have fun and show off your skills, as well as connect with family and friends.

Having the option of using the Royal Gourmet Grill as a grill or as a smoker will be determined by what you are grilling. This grill is a wonderful piece of equipment for becoming a grill master or Pitmaster for family and friends is easy to learn on and have fun with. Grilling is not only for great food but to have fun and show off your skills.

When you first begin to grill, you will have a great number of questions that need to be answered. Those people who began grilling at an early age, often have the advantage over people who are just starting to grill. As your experience grilling increases, the easier it is to put your knowledge to use. I will supply the basics for you to learn so you can gain experience. You will develop your style for grilling and add the flavors you prefer in a short period.

Frequently Asked Question

When lighting a charcoal grill, do you leave the lid open?

Yes! This is for a couple of reasons, the main one being that you want your charcoal to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible.

Find Your Style and Flavor

Gaining experience grilling also helps you learn about marinades and cooking time, your style of grilling is on the way. Asking questions of your friends and family may be difficult(for some) in the beginning but, as time goes on it will become easier to ask for advice. In the same way, you learned in school, the more questions the better you will become and have better results. Experienced grillers love to talk about how they have managed to become so well known for their grilling prowess; you can brag like that after you get some experience!

Experimenting with different seasonings and herbs can make your flavors, when grilling, much more exciting; especially when you find the one that says it is you. The more you learn about different seasonings will help develop your signature flavor when grilling.

Overview Of The Royal Gourmet CC1830SC Grill

Model NameCC1830SC
Power SourceCharcoal
Item Weight54.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH

Setting Up Your New Royal Gourmet 30 inch Charcoal Grill

As you are unboxing your grill, you may ask “will I be able to do this without help”. It may seem as if paying someone to assemble your grill for you would be best; but, I can assure you that you can do this by yourself.

Royal Gourmet gives you detailed instructions for assembling your grill/smoker in the box the grill comes in. Following the directions given for unboxing and locating the parts makes the assembly process much easier.

After you have verified all the parts are there then, start the assembly process. Take your time so that you will get the maximum out of your new grill. Your instructions may say that it will take up to 50 minutes to put together; following the instructions makes it easy to assemble.

Once, you know all the parts are there just follow the steps one after the other. You may be tempted at times to skip a step DON’T DO IT!! The steps are there for you to be successful at assembling this grill with ease and to help reduce heat and smoke loss.

The First Burn to Get You Ready to Grill

This is one of the most important steps for your new grill. This will allow you to have great-tasting grilled food. When you purchased your Royal Gourmet SC1830 Grill, you will want to “season” your new grill. “Seasoning” your grill means that you get the charcoal hot enough to burn off any excess paint or others finishing products that you don’t want to get into your food. In other words, to have a clean grill. This also allows you to find where the smoke and heat leaks are(if there are any).

If you do find that you have smoke leaks; it is easy to seal using a LavaLoc gasket seal. I recommend using the LavaLoc gasket seal to seal any leaks. This gasket seal is easy to use and keeps the smoke and heat inside your grill. To apply, measure the side of the lid and cut to fit; you will need to do this for the front of the lid as well. As you assemble your grill; it is best to use the LavaLoc sealant around the firebox to eliminate any leaks before they have a chance to form. All you do is measure, cut, peel the back off and stick it on the grill.

Another reason to do the first burn besides looking for smoke leaks is to burn off any excess paint, or another residue that would cause your food to have a bad flavor. You just spent good money on a grill, do all you can to have the best flavor on your first grilling experience.

Grilling For the First Time

After doing the first burn on your new Royal Gourmet 30-inch Charcoal Grill; now it is time to grill. The excitement is almost overpowering, you have looked forward to this day with anticipation and your heart is racing with excitement. You have done your shopping for your first grilling event and can barely contain your excitement, and now your grill is waiting for your touch!

Once you decide what to grill, make sure that everything is already prepared and ready to go on the grill. You have your tongs, fork, heat-resistant gloves, and thermometer for checking the temperature of your meat.

Checking the temperature before you pull the meat off the grill is extremely important for flavor and food safety. This allows you to determine if the food is ready to come off the grill. If not, let it stay a bit longer for it to finish cooking. Your food will continue to cook for a few minutes after pulling it off the grill.

For my first grilling experience; I decided to go with something safe. Grilled chicken was my first choice; this is the recipe that I used. I found this marinade to be quite tasty and the chicken was so tender and moist. It seemed to melt in my mouth.

Units Of Measure

4-8 oz=70-140 ml

2-4 oz = 60 – 120 ml

1/2 tsp – 2 Tbl

1/2 tsp – 2 Tbl

Wine, Citrus, Vinegar, Yogurt or Buttermilk


herbs and spices


A good rule of thumb is 4 ounces of marinade per pound of meat.

Marinades Brings Out The Flavor

This marinade gives you great flavor, I normally allow my chicken to marinade 3-4 hours before grilling. You can also allow your chicken to marinade overnight; however, it is not required.

Marinades can be tricky, some items like shrimp or fish if left in a marinade for more than 30 minutes can cause them to become mushy. You will not have much success if you let them marinade too long.

Some people believe that the longer you marinate something the better; however, when you over-marinate something it breaks down the muscle tissue. This can lead to your meat being mushy and may cause you to lose that particular piece. If you are unsure of your marinade then, check with someone who is a grill master before using a marinade.

While you waiting for the grill to get too hot, have a glass of iced tea; however, if you desire something with more kick there is nothing wrong with that. We all have our personal preferences and tastes for what we feel is a refreshing beverage.

Cleanup After Your Grilling Event

These are a few things I have learned along the way to make my clean-up easier and faster; before I grill, I make sure to have a garbage can close by. If you are grilling under a canopy; attach a clothes hanger to the side of the canopy with a garbage bag on the hanger, this allows you to keep your area clean. You will be able to throw your waste in the bag making cleanup a breeze and dispose of the bag when you finish grilling.

You can also use a clothes hanger for a paper towel dispenser; just attach the hook on the leg of the canopy and have the arms fit inside the paper towel roll for convenience. In this manner, whenever, you need a paper towel it is within reach. This is a unique way of having a paper towel close by if you need one.

Royal Gourmet 30 inch Charcoal Grill

Now you have some ideas about how easy the Royal Gourmet 30-inch Charcoal Grill is to use, you will find that the more you use your grill, the more you will want to use it. Finding new ways to use your grill only adds to your excitement and you will expand your flavor profile. There will certainly be exciting times ahead with your grilling.

You have tables to use on the front of your grill and one side for holding your platters while you put your food on the grill. These tables come in handy for putting some of your tools on.

Learning To Grill Vegetables And Fruits

You will find there are recipes for grilling vegetables and fruits for additional flavor to go with your main grilled items. Grilled vegetables are well worth the time to learn to grill. It makes for a better overall experience for you and your family. One of my favorite recipe books is Green Fire by Francis Mallmann; this book gives you great information on the best way to grill fruits and vegetables.

Having grilled fruit as a dessert is a treat for many, this will give your guests an added surprise, especially those who have never had grilled fruit. It may be one dessert that becomes a family favorite.

Grilled fruits have a way of making your grilling even better! Once, you learn to grill fruits, people who are diabetic may be able to eat some of them if it is on their list. Learning to grill fruit comes with time and experience but the payoff is tremendous. The different types of tastes and textures from grilled fruit are exceptional; for example, grilled pineapple is great on smoked ham.

This Is The Grill For You

This is your opportunity for purchasing a new grill on your journey to become a Pitmaster. You will find with this grill that while it is not hard on the budget it is very easy to use. You will find it to be the perfect grill for beginners it is always the right season for grilling.

Royal Gourmet CC1830SC Charcoal Grill w/ Offset Smoker
Learn More

For additional savings, you could buy some additional items for your grill. You will need a charcoal chimney as well.

I hope I have answered some of your questions and given you some ideas on how wonderful grilling can be. Grilling is the oldest form of cooking known to humanity and is still the dominant form of cooking in many areas of the world.

You can be a Pit Master as well. It takes good equipment and time to earn the title of Pit Master but you can make that title your own.

Great Example Of How To Unbox Your Grill

This video has some great tips on how to assemble your grill.

You Have To Season Your Grill For The Best Flavor

This video shows how to “season” your grill for great flavor and increase the life of your grill. You will be happy you seasoned your grill. The flavors are exceptional.

Unboxing The Royal Gourmet Grill


22 responses to “Royal Gourmet 30 inch Charcoal Grill for the New Pitmaster”

  1. Tammy Clark Avatar
    Tammy Clark

    My husband and I addicted to our Pit Master, we love to experiment with new recipes. This is a high quality tool that everyone should have.
    What would you recommend for cleaning tools? I find that when we try new marinades some of them to leave a mess on the grill.
    Also what are your favorite rubs for pork?

    1. I understand being addicted to the flavor of grilled foods. There is not another taste even remotely like it. It is my belief that if more people grilled they would be healthier and happier. I use a set of tools from Homemaxs that has all the grilling tools I need to keep my grill looking like new. My favorite Pork marinade is actually a dry rub that I put together(now a family favorite) but it can be converted into a marinade by adding olive oil with lime or lemon juice and the dry ingredients.
      Pork Dry Rub
      1/2 tsp Tarragon
      1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
      1/2 tsp Thyme
      1/4 tsp Ground Mustard
      1/4 tsp Chili Powder
      1/8 Tsp ancho chil
      1/4 tsp Basil
      1/4 tsp Paprika
      1/4 tsp Turmeric
      1/4 tsp Kosher Sea Salt
      Please keep this recipe secret.
      I appreciate your viewing and commenting on my post.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing! I just purchased this grill and your post has helped me out immensely especially with getting it set up. 

    I never knew that I needed to ‘season’ my grill and your tips on cleaning up will make the dreaded task easier. I may be a Pitmaster one of these days. 🙂 I never really realized how much went into grilling until I started. 

    Thanks again,


    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      I am glad that my tips and post helped you with setting up your grill. It may seem to be a lot of work at this point but you will find that it becomes easier. With time and practice you may indeed become one of the best Pit Masters. Seasoning your grill is one of the most important steps, this helps get any manufacturing residue burned off. You certainly don’t want to have any of that in your food. It sounds as if this post reached you just in time.

  3. Reggie Avatar

    I have done some grilling and I prefer charcoal grills over propane ones. I have a grill a lot like this one and I have done some smoking with it. I am still trying to figure out my grilling style and flavor preference. 

    Grilling is something you have to learn through experience. It is defiantly a trial and error thing, I just like trying to learn how to grill. I always like to learn more and then apply it. 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      This particular grill if for grilling with charcoal or wood. If you use wood, there is a little trick that I learned to make your life easier. When you use the firebox put a layer of charcoal down in the bottom and get a hot bed of coals then put your hardwood on top of that. You will save on both charcoal and wood this way but still get the maximum smoke flavor you are looking for.

      Grilling and smoking as you say is one that you learn from experience. The more often you grill the better you become and the more you will find the flavor profile that is best for you.


  4. Michael Avatar

    This grill looks like a beat! I am a big fan of getting on the grill, particularly in the summertime. And this looks like it would be right up my street. When I am looking for a grill I always look at the size of the grill. This is because I like to cook for a large number of people.

    This grill looks like it could handle my needs when it comes to a family BBQ or even a friend’s one too.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      This grill is indeed large enough to smoke or grill for the entire family. I have a grill that is almost the same size and I can cook for about 20 people at a time. You can smoke a brisket,  or a pork butt  or roast a whole chicken with no problems. It is easy to use and clean up. You will be amazed at the number of things you can do at one time with this grill.


  5. Michel Maling Avatar
    Michel Maling

    That chicken recipe looks Delicious, and I am definitely going to try that one. Love the look of this grill as it looks so neat and compact as well as easy for the ladies to use.

    The only thing I don’t enjoy about grilling is cleaning the grid after. Do you have any suggestions to make this Job easier?

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      I have used this recipe for several years now. I developed it in answer to a friend that wanted a different flavor profile for their family, it has since become a favorite of their family and mine. I use a wire brush that is designed to use on the grill. After the  grill has cooled SOME then I use the brush to loosen any food particles left so that I will have my grill grates ready for the next grilling adventure.


  6. LineCowley Avatar

    The Royal Gourmet 30 inch grill looks like the ideal grill for any barbecue enthusiast. I love the recipe that you have included as well. Is it quite easy to move the grill to different positions? It seems to be quite heavy, so is it better to keep it in one place, or can one wheel it around?

    You mention having coat hangers around to make cleaning up easier, but I am not sure what you mean by it? Could you elaborate more on best cleaning methods please 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      Moving the Royal Gourmet grill is actually quite easy. All you do is make sure the path you are going to move the grill on is clear then life up on the handle or table extension lift up and move to the new location. You can move it to almost any position in your yard or patio with ease. 

      Take a coat hanger and a set of pliers and wrap the hook of the coat hanger around the leg of the canopy until it is tight, insert the ends of the coat hanger into the plastic to keep it open for people to put their trash in. It keeps your patio or yard neat and tidy. It makes cleanup very easy. I generally will have it at the height of the trash bag.


  7. Bojana Avatar

    This is a truly a high quality charcoal grill that every family should have. Worth that money honestly and if anyone wants to buy this is a great product. It is especially good for large yards and lovers of picnics and hanging out with friends. You gave me a great idea which charcoal grill to buy.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      This grill can be used for large or small gatherings. It is great when you have a large group of people to grill for. It is easy to relocate to another area of the yard. The ability to start grilling takes no time at all and gives you options on what to grill and for how many people.


  8. I love to grill, i do not have a grill yet but with so many family gatherings this year i really need one.

    I also read in your response to one question about cleaning the grill and you are very helpful. I may be an addict very soon because i believe the smoked and grilled foods are healthier and even tastes better.

    Thank you for this post, i appreciate.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      I have found that using a brush designed to clean grills works best if you do you cleaning a little at a time when your are grilling. This will get you ahead for when you take everything off the grill. Let the grill cool some and then use that brush and you will be ready for the next event.

      Grilled foods are better for you since it locks in the vitamins and minerals so you get better nutrition for you body. I have found that since I am grilling more I have fewer health problems than I did.


  9. Jannette Avatar

    When choosing an outdoor grill, it is a must to get more details and research from previous customers who have bought and used one. The detail review of the Royal Gourmet is helpful in deciding if would like to purchase this grill. I have also checked out your other recommendations and prices. I have bookmarked your website so can come back and buy one on pay day.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      I am sure you will find this grill to be well worth price. I know that in the northern part of Georgia with climate you have that this will be a wonderful addition to have for enjoying the weekend or any day actually. 

      Experiment with some of the recipes to find the flavor you like best. Most recipes for grilling are fairly simple and can be adapted to your particular choice.


  10. Stratos K Avatar
    Stratos K

    I absolutely adore grilled food and for a long time I was toying with the idea of buying a charcoal grill for my balcony. Finally I decided to do it and I can say that this was the best decision I could make. I am not an experienced cooker so I am still learning how to make grilled food but the taste, as you said, cannot be compared with anything else out there.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Grilling is very easy to learn. Today there are so many you tube videos to watch in order to get the general idea of what you need to do. Apply what you learn and experiment with that knowledge in order to find the flavor that you like.


  11. Emmanuel Emmato Avatar
    Emmanuel Emmato

    Another great advantage of these grills is that they are very comfortable to use. It is super easy to use these types of grills, and they are very convenient for professional and amateur chefs. This convenience of usage makes it better for everyday applications. You won’t need to fry your food.                                                                                                                                                                                           

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      You are exactly right about how easy it is to use these grills. You can either use the firebox or the barrel section of the grill and cook as well as someone who does this for a living. If you clean your grill as you go along then at the end of your grilling event you are ready for the next event.


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