Royal Gourmet CC1830R The Affordable Grill For Daily Grilling – Review

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The Royal Gourmet CC1830R is the grill you would want to use everyday for grilling. I will show you in this review how easy and affordable it is to use this grill daily without all of the extra costs. I will show you how easy it is to clean this grill and the maintenance is a breeze.

Having all of the tools and other equipment makes it easy in every step from prep to shutting it down. Setting up this grill for everyday use is easy and requires very few tools. The instructions are easy to follow and the diagrams show step-by-step what it should look like.

Char-Grill Royal Gourmet CC1830R
BrandRoyal Gourmet
Model NameCC1830R
Power SourceCharcoal
Item Weight48.1 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH53.15 x 19.49 x 48.62 inches

Grilling is Now Affordable

Over the years, the costs of grills like most things have gone up considerably. The Royal Gourmet CC1830R is one of the most affordable grills on the market today. The addition of the offset smoker makes it even more useful in all of the areas of grilling that you would want.

Amazing Space for Grilling

There have been times that my family was coming over for a get-together around the grill. I had a decent size grill but not quite large enough for 22 people. I needed one that could handle large amounts of food at one time.

If you are wanting to grill one night and smoke the next. No problem! The ease of setting up the grill for just an ordinary sear, for example you want to do hamburgers and hot dogs.

Using the Offset Smoker is Fun and Easy

The ease of starting the offset smoker is not hard to do. I would venture to say that most people could start it with no problem.

Start your charcoal briquets in the chimney using a fire starter underneath and in just a couple of minutes the coals are ready for cooking your hamburgers and hot dogs.

One of our favorite meals was hamburgers and hot dogs, occasionally we would smoke a brisket or a pork butt(shoulder). The only problem was the size of my grill. I needed to do something about this for all of us to enjoy time together and have our food fresh from the grill.

We needed a grill that was large enough to handle at least 20 hamburger patties at a time or a minimum of 15 top sirloin steaks or 18 butterfly porkchops. Finding one that had at least 500 square inches for grilling would take some time.

Your Favorites Found The Next Level

Choosing to use your Royal Gourmet CC1830R for daily use is certainly a positive action to take. Just think of all the recipes you have waiting for you to put on the grill.

Having this grill makes it easy to try new recipes while not sacrificing any flavor or time. This grill is so simple to use that you are thinking of new ways to use the grill. New recipes often require you to add new techniques and spices to your recipes.

New recipes give you that new flavor you have always wanted that end up becoming family favorites. A large gathering of friends and family may have you grilling vegetables that you would not have expected. Fruits that are grilled need to have good control of the heat used.

Getting those char marks using the Royal Gourmet CC1830R is very easy to do and may help add just a little more flavor to your dish.

This video shows you a part of the assembly, burn off for seasoning the grill and some of the easy foods to grill quickly.

Royal Gourmet CC1830R

One of MY Favorite Recipes

The “warming rack” makes it easy to grill other foods while the main grill is being used for other foods. Use this feature to do corn on the cob while you are smoking ribs or a brisket. You will enjoy the flavor without a doubt. The way I do my corn on the cob is very savory and a family favorite.

This is my personal recipe for corn on the cob:

8 ears corn on the cob

aluminum foil large enough to cover the corn but leaving a narrow gap for moisture escape

salt to taste ( some people use chipotle chili powder as well)

butter on the foil under the corn

roll the foil over the corn until it is covered

put on heating rack about 1 hour before the brisket or ribs are done

Royal Gourmet CC 1800S

Why I Find the Royal Gourmet CC1830R to be the Most Affordable Grill

For years people have been looking for a grill that was affordable. The Royal Gourmet CC1830R fits all the characteristics in a grill that you can use often.

While it may not be heavy compared to other grills, it is still a heavy duty grill designed to be used on a regular basis.

It certainly has the room for smoking a little or a lot. It has the capacity smoke a large brisket or 4 racks of ribs. The ribs will depend upon whether you use a rib holder(I Do).

Most grill/smokers are meant to stay in one location but the Royal Gourmet CC1830R can be moved since it comes equipped with large wheels on one end and has a weight that is easy to move with ease.

The affordable price is another thing to consider when making your purchase. Listing under $200 this grill/smoker has all the features of those that are priced much higher.

The heavy duty construction with easy to use directions for assembly this grill is sure to be a favorite for years to come. It is designed to be durable, sturdy, portable and easy to use.

Grilling Tools Make for a Better Grill

You will probably want to have all the tools needed to keep it clean and ready to use at all times. These tools should help you do just that.

Tools for Cooking and Cleaning with Apron

Grill Cover for the Royal Gourmet CC1830R

With all the grills on the market today, I have found the Royal Gourmet CC1830R to be one of the best. It has the capacity to grill or smoke for large groups of people. You can grill or smoke with ease. The price for your budget is very affordable. You can use the heating rack for more than just heating, you can actually cook on it. Storing your charcoal is no problem just put it underneath the grill.

Even with the suggested tools and cover, these also add value to your grill by allowing you to do regular maintenance while you are grilling or when you have just completed smoking. This is a grill you need to have for any type of grilling event.

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20 thoughts on “Royal Gourmet CC1830R The Affordable Grill For Daily Grilling – Review”

  1. The art of cooking for the royal is possible with this grill. I’m royal who likes to host and cook.

    I like the fact that it is a 2 in 1 piece of cookware that I can use to smoke too.

    I’m fantasizing what I’ll be cooking next vacation on this one when I get it. 

    And I will get it soonest, you’ll never such a great piece at an incredibly cheap price

    Thanks from a royal foodie – Ephra

    • This grill can make anyone feel like a Royal with the ease in which a simple get together can become a feast for all. The fact that the price is affordable makes it even more special.


  2. I personally love grilling so I really enjoyed this article and it’s insight. This looks like a really solid grill for daily use and I could very much see myself considering this grill next. I liked the video and all the information this article shared. Oh and that corn on the cob recipe looks delicious! 

    • Logan,

      I have an older model of this grill and have used it for 25 years. This grill even though light in weight is awesome in performance. The corn on the cob recipe is one that my wife and I tried 15 years ago. It is still as tasty today as it was the first time. The videos were meant to show how easy it was to use and put together.


  3. The Royal Gourmet CC1830R proves to be the most pocket-friendly grills on the market today, indeed this gives it an upper hand compared to other grills the fact that it’s not heavy makes this grill an ideal choice for outdoor activities and can accommodate and serve a large group of people, the usability is easy with no hindrance to all those looking for a good grill that will serve your needs this most preferred grill to meet your demands.

    • John,

      The Royal Gourmet CC1830R is one of the most versatile of grill/smokers on the market. The design for this grill has not changed much in the last few years, even with the updates. Most of the updates to this grill are mostly in appearance, although some may add or take away the table on the end. It is a great grill to use for most grilling needs.


  4. I love BBQ’s the food tastes so much nicer and I love the smell of a BBQ. The Royal Gourmet CC1830R looks like the perfect BBQ to have, it is not too to move to a different location since it has got weahls.

    The grill is also handy when you want to smoke which is a great feature to have. The Grill is great if you have a lot of people to feat it is big enough for the whole family.

    You can grill all sorts of food on the Royal Gourmet CC1830R including vegies and fruit which is a great idea and it tastes out of this world.

    I really enjoyed your article 


    • Ingrid,

      The Royal Gourmet CC1800R grill is so versatile that it can be used daily. I have used a grill daily for several years, the thing that makes it so easy to use is you can actually get started the day before. The way I get started the day before is having another type of meat marinating ahead of time. 

      The sturdy wheels that come with the grill make it easy to use. If you need to change position because of the weather then you’ve got it covered.


  5. What caught my eye with this grill is that you said it is big enough to cook for a lot of people at the same time. When we have our whole family over, it is a bit tedious to try and cook everything in relays, and often the fire goes out before everything is cooked.

    I also like that you can grill or smoke with this which is a huge bonus, as who doesn’t love smoked chicken?

    Thanks for the recipe suggestion. I would have never thought to cook my corn on the grill, and I will definitely try that. The trick is remembering to get it on an hour before you want to eat.

    • Michel,

      This grill is awesome. You have 811 square inches on the grill itself, not counting the warming rack which is another 100 square inches. You can do several chickens at a time for the perfect flavor on each of them. Having the ability to grill for the entire family makes it a wonderful grill to use.


  6. Thanks so much for starting this review. I love to grill. I have 2 grills. But this royal gourmet is so much better than both. The other is lighter. I think this is very good. I will definitely try this too. Thanks a lot for your post. This is a very important post. keep it up

    • Pasindu,

      You will find that this grill will be a welcome addition to the grills you currently have. The ease of use of the Royal Gourmet CC1800R is not rivaled by many. You are able to get that smoky flavor you crave with ease. Clean up is a breeze with this grill. I like to do some cleaning as I grill, it makes the finish cleaning so easy.


  7. I love this article! It reminds me of barbecue sessions that I used to have with my family to eat grilled meat. I really like what you said about having affordable grills for your summer barbecues. Personally, I will check this grill as I am looking for one and I haven’t found many quality grills in here. And I’ll also definitely find an apartment with a balcony to start my barbecue grills

    • Angel,

      You will find this grill to be heavy duty and able to handle heavy usage. Its affordability makes it a favorite of the first time griller or the pit master. You can try many different recipes on this grill with great success. This will bring those memories back in a hurry but with an added emphasis on how well you grill.


  8. I have been wanting to buy a new Grill for BBQs with family and friends gatherings on weekends and holidays. The grills had been looking at were a little too expensive more than I could afford, then found your review of the Royal Gourmet Affordable Grill, this one is more for my budget with little extra to spare for new accessories as well. 

    • Jannette,

      I feel that this grill will suit your needs perfectly. You can grill for large or small gatherings. This grill though inexpensive is a workhorse. I have grilled everything from chicken to brisket and everything in between. It has a way of making you want to grill more often with the ease of use. The addons I suggested will help keep your grill looking new and ready to go at a moments notice.


  9. Hi there Jerry. After reading your thorough review of the Royal Gourmet, I am seriously convinced that this is the kind of grill I have been looking for. The design, the space, and the price are just right my alley. I am going to look more into its features and then make the final decision of buying it. Thanks for the detailed information here.

    • Dave,

      I feel that you will be pleased with the Royal Gourmet CC1800R. It is a well manufactured grill with many functions. I have found the price to be affordable for most people. I hope you enjoy your grill.


  10. A very thorough and detailed review of the offset smoker charcoal grill CC1830R. However, I found it odd that on the first video the aluminum disposable pan was placed at the bottom which I think could hinder the proper circulation of heat. What is your take on that, is it a good idea? Because first-time users of offset smoker CC grill who might find this website and watch that video would think it’s okay.

    I worked for a company and handled home appliances before and we have developed a charcoal grill for one client in Vietnam, yes I agree this type of grill is one of the most affordable. I was smiling when I saw CC1830F on the second video because that’s what our client has selected since it’s, even more, cheaper than CC1830R minus the side rack.

     Keep grilling!


    • Rowe,

      I have not found using an aluminum pan causing circulation with the heat. The pan if it is not too tall catches the ash as it falls and makes it easy to dispose of the ash.

      The difference between the CC1800R and the CC1830F are very slim. The video that I linked to was still appropriate since the differences are basically cosmetic.



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