The Outsunny Charcoal Grill Review – Mastery Of The Grill

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The Outsunny Charcoal Grill is a great grill for beginners to start out on. Learning to use charcoal or wood is the key. Which one gives you the best flavor and heat. That is just one decision you will make.

It is lightweight and fits most budgets; with this in mind, you will learn to budget for your grill. After reviewing this grill you should be able to start putting your passion to the test.

You will learn how to assemble this grill and how to get the best flavor out of the grill. You will learn how to control your heat and properly clean your grill. There is always the question of how do I light the fire and in which chamber, I will explain that for you as well

The Outsunny Charcoal Grill

Outsunny Charcoal Grill
Outsunny 48 Inch Charcoal grill
Model Name846-036-RE
Power SourceWood, Charcoal
Outer MaterialSteel
Item Weight37 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH48.75 x 20.75 x 41 inches
Inner MaterialStainless_steel
Fuel TypeCharcoal
Specifications of the Outsunny Charcoal Grill

The Outsunny Charcoal Grill is a great grill for the beginner. You have always wanted to learn to grill, now is your chance! You have wanted to try your own recipes and some of others who have always done a great job grilling food perfectly.

Now you have the opportunity to show others how well you can grill. You are so excited to have your Outsunny charcoal grill that time seems to drag on for that first grilling experience. You daydream about what to grill first or wake in the night tasting that smoky flavor.

Never before have you had such an intense longing and desire to try something new. The urge gets stronger with each passing moment. You look forward to assembling your Outsunny charcoal grill. It suits you perfectly. It is not so large as to be intimidating but not so small that you can’t grill what you want.

Assembling Your Outsunny Charcoal Grill

You may believe when you first open the box that there is no way for this to all go together. It may look as if you have bitten off more than you can chew. There are parts everywhere and you have never put something like this together.

Take all the pieces and lay them out so you can see them. You should have your owner’s manual in the box. Just look at it and follow the directions in order. If you did not receive an owner’s manual go to the Outsunny website and download the instructions. Follow the instructions the way they are laid out. It should only take you about an hour to put your new grill together.

The following video will show you how to put your grill together. This is just a generic video but applies to most offset grill/smokers.

Your First Burn

I know! I know! You are ready to start grilling and have waited so long to start. This step is one of the most important steps for getting the best flavor from your grill. The first burn is used to find if you have any leaks and to burn off any residue leftover from the manufacturing process. Who wants to eat food that tastes like it came from a refinery!

Starting your first burn in your firebox will give the best indication of where any leaks may be. Not all new grills have smoke leakage. It is better to find out before you start smoking that first large cut of meat. The fire should only be between 350F-450F. This will allow your grill to heat up enough that it will burn off any residue. It should produce enough smoke so you can find where any leaks mat be.

You should see where the smoke is coming from and be able to make any adjustments needed. I use LavaLoc gasket to stop any leaks in my grills. You will need to measure the length of the lid and apply the gasket on the inside edge if needed. The ends of the lid if they are leaking will require you to apply the gasket to the bottom section where the lid comes down.

For the firebox, I automatically use LavaLoc sealant around the opening of the firebox and grill. I do this before I put the firebox on the body of the grill. This way I don’t have to worry about any leaks around the firebox.

432 Square Inches of Awesome

Now that you have taken care of the leaks, IT IS TIME FOR GRILLING!!! You have a combined 432 square inches of room for grilling. What should you grill first? That is a great question. What types of food do you prefer grilled? Steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, fruits? You now have the ability and the equipment to grill any of these items. Not only that, you have the desire to grill it all.

You will find with the Outsunny grill that whatever you decide to grill should be easy. You may want to start with something small so you can gain experience. Practice will help you gain experience for some of the more difficult grilling experiences.

Grilling for small groups, you can use the grill in the firebox but you will have to be extra careful not to burn you food since it will be over direct heat. I would use the main grill and let the heat come to the main grilling compartment.

An easy item to begin your grilling domination is chicken leg quarters. Chicken is easy to grill and can be done quite easily on an offset smoker. You get all the smoky flavor and tenderness without drying your chicken out. That is just one example of what you could use to start your grilling experiences with. You will have many other ideas the more you grill.

Keep the Flow

A common mistake that a new griller experiences is airflow. You can set your damper to help create the right amount of airflow. You may have problems with this on windy days. Thank goodness for wheels. You can change the position of your grill with little or no problems.

Before you start grilling, position your grill so that the wind does not blow directly into your firebox. This will help eliminate excess air entering your firebox chamber or the cooking chamber. It also helps reduce the chance of ashes blowing onto your food.


The Outsunny Charcoal Grill with offset smoker is great for beginners. You don’t have to invest a ton of money into it to get great results.

Changing locations is a breeze. The attached wheels make changing locations simple and easy.

You have enough room to start your grilling experience without having a great deal of wasted space.


One disadvantage is the rolled steel is thin and does not retain heat very well.

You will need to verify that all the parts are there. Some of the nuts and bolts may be missing.

The smokestack may be larger than the opening in the top of the cooking chamber.

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