The PK 300 Grill/Smoker A New Level of Flavor – Review

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The PK 300 Grill & Smoker
PK 300 Charcoal Grill/Smoker

Amazing Flavor Is Headed Your Way

The PK 300 Grill/Smoker has been redesigned to give you better control to achieve the amazing flavor and more control in your grilling. This review covers some of the new features that make it easier to use and enjoy. You now have better airflow, which in turn, gives you better heat management and control.

Quick Overview Of the PK 300 Grill

New designs do not always live up to the advertising, but the revamping of the original PK Grill has ramped up the flavor to the next level. These revisions to the Classic PK Grill have resulted in new levels of grilling and flavor, by giving you more control. This grill leads the industry in innovation, as it explores new ways to improve efficiency while building amazing flavor and offering more control.

BrandPK Grills
Model NameCharcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker
Power SourceCharcoal
Item Dimensions LxWxH16.21 x 42.75 x 37.35 inches
Fuel TypeCharcoal

Some Of The Changes To The PK 300

Even tried and true technology needs to be updated occasionally; these changes are exciting and help you reach even more amazing results. These changes have benefited the new grilling enthusiast the most; however, the grill master and the weekend griller have benefitted as well. Changes are part of how innovations come about.

Some changes help manage airflow more efficiently by designing better air vents. You will find that some of the airflow vents have changed in concept. The bottom air-flow vents now have a cover over them to prevent ash from getting onto your food. Once you have better air regulation, the better your grilling experience becomes.

At times we will need easier access for adding more fuel, this problem has been addressed as well by having one of the grates lift to add additional fuel. This change has made it safer to add fuel. The grates have been changed to where all you have to do is lift one to deposit more charcoal or wood chunks for added fuel for your grilling needs.

The All New Original PK300 Grill & Smoker

The original PK Grill has been around since 1952, when the company was founded in Tyler, Texas. The manufacturing of the PK Grill has since moved to Little Rock, Arkansas; where it remains to this day. Many of the original grills are still being used to this day, providing the same quality of grilling as when they first came out. The All New Original PK300 Grill & Smoker has made many changes that have greatly improved quality, efficiency, and ease of use while keeping the customer in mind.

The original grill was made from cast aluminum to give it a long lifespan, while cast iron grills can last a lifetime they are also subject to rusting. The PK300 grill is still made from aluminum, there is no need to worry about rust. Since aluminum heats up faster than cast iron or steel; you will be able to start grilling sooner. It also maintains the temperature better. Once you have finished grilling, allow your charcoal to burn out which allows your grill to cool quickly. The graphite capsule is one of the new features, quick cooling.

The New Features Add Portability and Durability

Some other features will give you more control of your grilling; one of these features is having two locations to monitor your heat. The placement of each of these openings for your thermometer is crucial for a great grilling experience.

The placement of the first opening for the thermometer is on the front of the lid, which looks like a dial. By placing the tip of your thermometer into the opening; you can get a more accurate reading. With this innovation, there is no heat loss which gives consistent heat for continued cooking.

Finding the second probe is easy, but in one sense a bit unusual; it is located on the lid on the opposite end of the grill. This may seem a bit odd, but that is the perfect location for it. This placement helps you to monitor how well your food is cooking. This allows you to monitor your heat from dual locations for better cooking. There are two vent openings underneath for greater airflow and heat management.

Another key feature is the table at the end. The table has a dual purpose, the obvious one being a table, with the other purpose as a lock to help maintain the stability of the grill. Once, the table is set it locks the grill so there is no movement making the grill more stable. By taking the table down, you are disconnecting the lock which will allow the grill to be transported to another area with ease. This is a very useful feature since it secures your grill in place and prevents any accidental slippage of your grill.

Choosing How To Set The Temperature For Your PK 300 Grill For That Next Level Of Flavor

As with most grills today, there is still some residue from the factory on the grill. This will be your first burn and is critical to your grill and your food integrity. Once, you have done your first burn, there should be none of the manufacturing residue left. After the first burn, clean the grill to remove any residue that may be left. This will enable you to have amazing grilled food for as long as you own the grill.

You will need searing temperatures for this; these temperatures should be 400F or better. The higher temperatures cause any factory residue to burn off leaving nothing but a clean grill for you to use. This “clean” grill is a relative term, you will still need to do regular cleaning to get any soot or ash out of your new grill. Load your charcoal or lump charcoal into the bin and start your fire. The best practice for loading the charcoal is to have it away from the sides of the grill. Once, you have your fire started open your vents completely to create a good airflow for your burn.

With this grill, you can set up two-zone grilling. That is to say a cool zone and a hot zone. This is especially useful when you are wanting to cook larger cuts of meat such as brisket, pork butts, or whole chickens. Two-zone grilling is also advantageous for other recipes that may require heat close to searing. This allows for deeper penetration of smoke into the meat for flavor.

Two zone cooking gives you more options of what to cook and allows you to grill other items simultaneously. This also gives you a chance to try different recipes to expand your menu.

The Long Cook On The PK 300 Grill

For a longer cook, say for smoking a brisket, you will want to set one top vent open and the other closed creating heat similar to that of a convection oven. Getting to know how your vents work together will help you master longer cook times. The same will be true for the bottom with the exception that it will be the opposite of the top vents. Setting your vents in this way will help create a heat zone that passes over your brisket for maximum slow cooking which increases the flavor of your brisket. Once you learn how to set your vents, your grilling will become even better and you will achieve even greater results.

Portability Of The PK 300 Grill/Smoker

If you wanted to take your grill to the park or the stadium for tailgating the PK300 gives you that opportunity. Lower the table to release the locking mechanism, lift the body of the grill out, collapse the stand, and put it all in your vehicle for transport. You will be able to take your grill with you, even on a road trip with no problems.

If you do a lot of tailgating during football season, then this is the grill for you! Since this grill is lightweight, it is easy to pack and transport to the stadium. With this newly found portability, you can take your PK 300 Grill almost anywhere you go. If you take this grill tailgating, always check the regulations of the park you take it to. Just a little tip for tailgating, take along a metal bucket to put your ash and hot coals in for disposal in the proper bins.

Always check ahead on places where you plan to tailgate, in order toto prevent any problems with park management. Once you know the stadium rules, you can have the time you always wanted at the stadium. This way you will have a great time and possibly make some new friends in the process.

While tailgating, you will be making new friends; you may also find that other tailgaters enjoy sharing recipes with you.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Heats the Grill evenly


  • No ash catcher
  • Stainless steel grate may be too light for some meats.
  • Bottom vent may fall off
The PK 300 Grill & Smoker ahead

And The Verdict Is In

People often get frustrated with the performance of their grill. The PK 300 Grill/Smoker has resolved most of those problems with forward-thinking airflow.

Let’s take a look at what they have done to this grill. I am sure that you will find that this grill/smoker is a step ahead of the competition. Having their first grill sold in 1952 gives them some bragging rights since many of the original PK Grills are still in use today.

Many of the changes PK Grills have made to the PK 300 are cosmetic; however, the vents on top were updated to make it easier and safer to operate. The vent openings in the bottom now have a cover over them to keep the ash from falling to the ground or the wind blowing ash back onto the food. With the redesign of the venting system, you now have better air-flow control as well as more even cooking.

The lid hinges have been reworked to help keep the grill stable. The lid can be separated from the body if needed but the main part of the grill is still intact.

With the changes made to the PK Original, there leaves no doubt that you will be able to have more robust flavors from your PK 300 Grill/Smoker. The PK 300 is used in grill competitions as the go-to grill by most competitors.

This gives you great information about why you need a PK 300 Grill/Smoker today. There are so many tips in this video that should make your grilling even more amazing. We all want to have an amazing grilling experience. I feel this will help you find yours and be able to share it with others.

The PK 300 Grill Is Easy To Use

This video shows how easy it is to use the PK300 grill. Look for some of the new features.

The Portable Kitchen

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22 thoughts on “The PK 300 Grill/Smoker A New Level of Flavor – Review”

  1. Thanks for this great review of the PK 300 Grill/Smoker. It is amazing that these are still in commission since their beginnings in 1952. It just emphasizes the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I would have liked to hear more about its smoking capabilities as I don’t have much experience in this area. I have friends who smoke salmon brilliantly and I would like to do the same. Would I be able to do it with this PK 300 Grill/Smoker?

    • The PK300 Grill is an awesome grill. You can either grill or smoke on it. For smoking purposes open the vent over the salmon and under the charcoal which is on the other side of the grill. One thing you  may want to do to prevent sticking is to oil the grate before you fire up the grill. This will help reduce sticking.


    • Jenni,

      You would absolutely be able to smoke salmon on the PK 300 with ease. There is a video on how to smoke with the PK 300 grill. It is very simple to do. Open the vent over the food that is being smoked and the vent on the opposite side. This allows the smoke to go over your food for that great smoky flavor.


  2. PK has come a long way since 1952.  This smoker looks excellent for a large % of those looking for a new grill.  It’s not heavy and burdensome, but can still give a great smoker experience. An ash catcher would be nice, but it’s not a deal breaker.  I just see this as a good more inexpensive option for those who want to get into smoking and not break the bank,or their backs, doing it Well done.


    • Warren,

      The PK 300 Grill is a great renovation of the original PK Grill. It has new features that make it easier to smoke than before. It has covers over the bottom vents to prevent ash from clogging the vents and prevents the hot ash falling to the ground or deck. The grate now opens on one end to allow you to add  more charcoal while grilling. This is a great feature for those longer cooks. Being lightweight also makes it easier to transport and to clean.


    • Warren,

      Yes the PK has come a long way in the last couple of years. The quality is still as good as it was in 1952. The pride they take in their work is exceptional. They have several new styles available now for you to choose from.


  3. I love the title of your site – thrill for the grill.  And what a great review of the PK 300 grill/smoker. I have recently switched my diet to eating lots of salmon. In the past, my grill would make the salmon skin get stuck on the grill totally ruining it.  I’m loving the portability aspect to the pk 300. I like that it’s lightweight and that it distributes heat evenly.  I may just buy one.

    • Shalisha,

      Smoking Salmon on the grill is a great way to improve your diet. Did you know that you can also grill vegetables on the grill? Salmon and fresh vegetables and fruit are great together. Fresh fish, vegetables and fruit when grilled retain most of their vitamins and minerals making for a healthier diet. The benefits of such grilling will help you with your doctor’s visits since your immune system will be in better shape and have fewer health problems.


  4. As a Southamerican, barbacue lover, I was looking to upgrade my own grill. I usually grill meat and “chorizos”, that are our favourites. I know this brand has been in the market for a long time already, and if it still being sold that should mean it´s good enough. I do have one doubt, how much meat can I cook in a single barbacue) Cause as it does not have ash catcher I´m not sure I can set up two fires in a row without cleaning the grill. Thanks again for the tips!

    • Johnny,

      I know the asado is a very important part of your culture. Since there is no ash catcher, I normally buy a cheap aluminum pan the will fit under the charcoal for an ash catcher. This works well and is a great way to keep your grill in good condition. You will be able to cook your chicken and chorizos with ease and have them be full of flavor.


  5. You definitely got my attention with a promise of a “new level” of flavor! Cool to see new features that add portability, control, and durability on the old classics. It does seem like the few “cons” could be tough to work with — any suggestions for working around these limitations? Can the steel grate be reinforced for heavier meats?

    • The PK 300 grill has the decided advantage of being called the “STEAK KING”. It was given this title by grilling competitors. The competitors have been switching to the PK Grill because of its consistency. That is how you get to that next level of flavor. You can buy an aluminum pan that is designed to be an ash catcher. I have done that for years. There are stainless steel grates that are even heavier duty than the ones with the grill. They have changed the way the bottom vent are attached and should withstand years of grilling as long as you clean your grill on a timely basis.


  6. The pk 300 grill smoker does look impressive. I like that it is so light to carry and move around. However, do not like the cons you mentioned. Especially the ash tray part and cannot handle certain heavy foods. Do not like to prevented with certain foods to work with on the grill. Nevertheless, it is very light and will consider to buy it for my family. Thank you very much!

    • Bernard,

      The PK Grill can handle most cuts of meat. The only reason I mentioned that it may not handle certain cuts is I have seen people put more weight on than was recommended. As far as the absence of an ash catcher, you can buy an aluminum pan that costs just a few cents underneath and this takes care of the ash catcher. It would still be suitable unless you are doing 30 – 40 pounds at a time.


  7. I love me some grill-n-!  But, I am new at this.  The PK300 Grill looks like what I am looking for.  It seems to address some of the common issues of other similar grills.  Like I said, I am new at this… We have some vegetarian and vegans in our family.  Would the PK300 Grill be the best type of grill – smoker for vegetables as well as meat?  I want to make a wise purchase and I trust your website to steer me in the right direction.  Thanks!

    • The PK300 should be ideal for you and your family. You can grill or smoke on it to your hearts content. You can either go with high heat or with low heat depending on what you prefer to grill. I have found that grilled vegetables and fruit are fantastic grilled. I would suggest putting a cheap aluminum pan in the bottom as an ash catcher. Savor the flavor of grilled food.


  8. Hello. The PK300 GRILL would be perfect for me

    I like the fact that us porta le a fight to. Arry around. Sound like a really good grill. I just got one question, Is it electric because I’m not very good in starting a fire. One time we were cooking a barbecue and the fire turn off with the wind.

    • Claudia, 

      Unfortunately, it is charcoal. Starting a fire in it can be done a couple of ways. One way that I like to use is with what is called a fire chimney, in the bottom of the chimney place several sheets of crumpled newspaper, put the charcoal briquets on top then light the newspaper from the side. A few minutes later the charcoal will be a smoky gray, it is time to put it into the bottom and spread out for your grilling needs. Another way, this one leaves a residue of starter fluid on the charcoal and may alter the taste of your food. Use starter fluid on the charcoal and use a long lighter to light it up, a few minutes later the charcoal is ready for grilling.


  9. I have one of these it’s one of the best Grill out there, First, it has superior heat conduction, so it can maintain a steady, hot temperature even in the winter. The radial and cylinder vents will let you fine-tune the air intake to reach that perfect temperature.                                                                        

    • Hi Emma,

      I have found that with the heat conduction you can adjust at any time for a better grilling experience. The way they remastered the vent controls is absolutely fantastic. The new ability to have a thermometer in two places makes for a more satisfying cook time since you have readings from both places to verify the temperature you are cooking at.


  10. Being a petite woman of 4ft 9, I appreciate the fact that this grill is so lightweight. Anything that makes life easier is a winner for me. I especially want life to be simple during leisure activities. It is great how portable it is – just pack it and go. 

    I love entertaining outdoors and enjoy eating alfresco, so this grill is perfect. Thanks for a comprehensive and interesting review.

    • Hi Clair,

      You will find that with the PK 300 Grill/Smoker that being large in spirit and small in stature makes no difference. It is light, easy to use, easy to clean and elevates your grilling endeavors to the next level. I am sure that once you try this grill you will fall in love with it.



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