Thrill for the Grill

Thrill for the Grill is for those people who want or need tips and/or information on how to make grilling fun. No that does not mean a six pack and finding a BBQ restaurant. Whether you are using charcoal(my favorite) or gas it all starts with the prep. Say for example you want to cook a complete chicken dinner in one pan, you will need to have a chicken that is large enough for the family or friends. You will need the spices for the recipe or just buy one that is already put together for you. I generally use my own spices that way I can control the amount of salt that is in my seasoning mix. That is especially true if you are on a restricted diet. I have found that if I grill at least three times a week that my cholesterol and blood pressure are either under control or right there on the normal range.

As a rule, I do not use any additives to my meat because of the higher salt or sodium content. I try to find herbs and other spices to change the flavor of the meat. If they are fresh herbs then you will not want to use as much as you would if it were one that you had bought. All herbs are stronger when they are first dried and lose their strength over time. You can look on the bottle to see what each herb is good for as not all of them do well on the grill but that also depends upon your taste. Do you want sweet, spicy, salty, smoky, tangy as you see the list goes on. That all depends upon your personal taste. I have found that for pork chops or loin that if I want sweet then I grill apples, pineapple, or mangoes this can also be used on an uncooked ham. There are many fruits and vegetable that can be used in place of the traditional herbs and spices that you buy at the market.  Grilling is a more natural way of cooking for us at this time in our evolution,  since caveman days we have been cooking over flames and finding ways to harness the flame to do our bidding in a more controlled manner.

Why is control so important to grilling? Without some form of control our food would either be overcooked or under cooked. Even today with all of our controls we still miss the most important control of all, the cook. You need to look at all of the grills out there to find the one that suits your style of cooking. Do you cook quickly of slowly? Do you open the lid often? Whenever you open the lid you let out precious heat and it takes longer to get the heat back to the temperature that it should be at. Cooking with charcoal is often more difficult that with gas since on some items you will have to add more briquets where with gas you can set the control at different settings retaining your heat or regaining you heat easier. With gas you can have multiple burners, while with charcoal you have the one cooking area. With gas you have to use additives to get the smoky flavor that you get from charcoal, you can also use additives with charcoal.

What foods do you normally grill? Have you ever tried other foods? One of the most difficult foods that l have ever tried cooking was fish. This is because fish is not as dense as other foods and falls apart more easily and burns more easily. I have noticed recently in Academy, Lowe’s and Home Depot that they now have attachments specifically to cook fish with. I like grilled fish that has a smoky flavor especially salmon. I will be giving you some of my favorite recipes about once a month.


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