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Wood Pellet Grill How To Master The Monument Grill – Review

Did you want a wood pellet grill that is easy to use? The Monument Grill Octagonal Column Wood Pellet grill has all the features you are looking for. This grill makes your grilling experience easy, affordable, and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monument Grills Made In The USA?

Monument grills are designed in the USA but manufactured in China.

What is the USB port for?

If your Monument grill is equipped with a USB port it will enable your Bluetooth thermometer and other devices.

How hot does a Monument Grill Get?

Your Monument Pellet grill has a range from 180F to 500F. This gives you a number of options for how you cook.

Specifications Of The Octagonal Column Wood Pellet Grill

BrandMonument Grills
Power Sourcewood_pellet
Outer MaterialStainless Steel,Chrome
Inner Materialstainless_steel

Grilling Just Got Easier

Wood pellet grills have changed a great deal over the years. At first, you did not have the PID system for checking the internal temperature of your food.

wood pellet grill

A need for better control of grilling was needed, so with time and patience innovation began to become more commonplace.

Wood pellet grills have changed a great deal over the years. At first, you did not have the PID system for checking the internal temperature of your food. This system allows you to keep the temperature stable for long periods of time.

Customers wanted the ability to use today’s technology for better grilling experiences. This led to more precise ways of grilling. As a result of technological breakthroughs you now have Bluetooth abilities.

Internal thermometers that could be paired with Bluetooth began coming onto the market, reducing the need for opening the lid. This led to more precise grilling with greater efficiency. This was a big factor in grilling satisfaction.

The results of adding Bluetooth technology has resulted in more manufacturers adding Bluetooth to their control panel. This has led to even more innovation for customer satisfaction.

Monument Grills has added a feature to their control panel that will either display Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures. This allows more diversification in the market for the griller.

Technology Increases Your Successful Grilling

wood pellet grill

The Monument Octagonal Column wood pellet grill comes with a hopper that holds up to 15 pounds of pellets. You now have the ability to grill for up to 9 hours before reloading. This takes the burden out of having to reload the hopper after a couple of hours.

Fortunately, Monument Grills was listening. They have designed a wood pellet grill equipped with a hopper that can hold a large amount of pellets but, also allows you to remove any leftover pellets when you finish grilling.

Before long, more people than ever were waiting for their new pellet grill to arrive. With the new PID thermometer, you had more control than you had with other methods of cooking.

As you become accustomed to using the PID and Bluetooth technology, you will find precision had been missing all along.

Your desire to find ways to improve your grilling techniques with this technology may cause you to experiment with other types of food for a better grilling experience.

As you become more masterful of one type of grilling, you decide to try different methods to become a true grill master. Your mastery covers not only meats but fruits and vegetables as well giving you a more rounded grilling experience.

Hardwood Pellets For Wood Pellet Grills

Wood pellet grills are able to use most wood pellets on the market. Deciding which is the one best suited for you will depend upon trial and error. Some pellets will give you a great flavor while others will not.

Your Octagonal wood pellet grill allows you to try a variety of hardwood pellet works well. Deciding which flavor to try next may be a challenge since you like all the flavors available.

Numerous companies offer a variety of flavored hardwood pellets for your grill. You have some of your basic flavors such as hickory, mesquite, post oak, pecan, apple, or peach.

Grilling Your Way On A Wood Pellet Grill

You have a variety of ways for grilling on your Monument pellet grill. Some of the ways you can grill are smoking, braising, barbecuing, baking, roasting, or grilling.

wood pellet grill

You choose how you want to use your grill. Having two PID thermometers enables you grill to perfection.

Choose Your Location

Choosing the location for your grill to have easy access to a power outlet should not be a problem. You may use an extension cord if that is your only option. Just make sure it is heavy-duty. In this manner you have a cord that can handle the current that passes through it.

Choosing the location for your grill is very important to achieve the best grilling results.

When you place your grill, make sure you do not have excessive air flowing through the area. This may cause the fan to work harder for the correct airflow in your grill.

You may need to have it on a patio with a deck or an umbrella. Placing your grill on the far side of your patio is also an option.

Having large wheels on one end of the grill and large casters on the other end makes repositioning your grill very easy. You can reposition in just mere moments without strain.

You will also want to protect your investment from the weather as these can cause the electrical components to short out. Buying a grill cover can solve many of your weather related issues.

Room For More

Many wood pellet grills have more space than you need, even for large items to be smoked or grilled. You will find the Monument Octagonal column wood pellet grill has the right amount of space for small or large grilling experiences.

With 698 square inches of grilling space available, this is more than enough room for most of your grilling needs. For example, you have room to smoke two pork butts or two briskets at the same time.

This allows you to choose how much to place on the grates at one time. If you are cooking for a large number of people, this grill will work well for you.

While being a medium-sized grill, it has the capacity to grill large amounts of food to perfection. You can grill more than one item at a time depending upon the number of people you are grilling for.

If you only have a couple of people to grill for then this grill will work to perfection. You will have more than enough room for your grilling needs.

Support For Your Wood Pellet Grill

Monument Grills has a 30-day free replacement for your grill if there should be a manufacturer’s defect. They also have lifetime support for any problems you may have with your grill.


Easy to assemble

Easy-to-follow instructions

Hits temperature quickly and holds it


Pellets don’t flow into the firepot in an even manner

Side-table is small

After cleaning it takes a long time to reach the set temperature


Monument Grill Octagonal Column Wood Pellet Grill

Conclusion Of My Review

My conclusion on the Monument Grills octagonal column wood pellet grill is this grill offers great value for the money. There are grills out there that are more costly but have fewer features.

This grill offers many of the same features as its competitors, but with the PID technology and the larger hopper capacity it surpasses the competition.

Another important feature is the design of the wheels for transporting or changing positions. You have two large wheels for rougher terrain while the two smaller wheels make guiding your grill to its destination easier to control.

Having 698 inches of grilling space while large is also small enough to grill for just 2 people or for many people. Choosing to grill for a couple of people or for many has never been easier.

Your grilling abilities are becoming better with each use of the Monument Grill model 86000. Not only have you found a grill that is in your price range but, you can find even more recipes for your grilling pleasure.


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