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Wood Pellet Grill, Smoking an Uncured Ham: A Flavorful Guide to Perfectly Smoked Delights

Using a wood pellet grill to smoke an uncured ham, you will find the work has been taken away. Your guests rave about your expertise for days. Not only was your ham flavorful but had may thinking of days gone by.

As a master at the grill, I’ve spent hours mastering the art of smoking meats, especially with the nuanced flavors that wood pellet grills offer. You, the home chef, are looking for simple yet profound ways to elevate your grilling game. Let’s get that grill fired up and ready to deliver a smoky, mouth-watering experience that’ll keep your guests coming back for more.

Harnessing the power of a wood pellet grill can transform your uncured ham into a smoky delight. It’s not just about filling bellies; it’s about creating an unforgettable feast that taps into the heart of your culinary passions. Together, we’ll ensure your guests are not just satisfied, but genuinely thrilled by your grilling prowess.

Experimentation is often the key to unlocking new and exciting flavors. Once you learn which flavors produce the desired results, you will begin an exciting journey of discovery.

Traditionally cured hams are ready to eat, whereas uncured or raw hams may need additional steps to be taken before you eat them. This guide will help you select and smoke the right uncured ham to smoke on a wood pellet grill.

Can you smoke a fresh uncured ham?

Most definitely! As a rule, hams are cooked low and slow. To smoke an uncured ham set the wood pellet grill to 225F for best results. This allows the smoke and marinade to become deeply infused in the ham.

Does uncured mean not smoked?

Uncured hams normally are not smoked or brined when you purchase them. This is where your opportunity lies you can experiment with the flavors you prefer.

Is uncured ham the same as fresh ham?

Yes, it is the same cut of meat but does not have any of the brine or smoked flavor infused in it. It may also have a light pink or grey color to it. Even though the label says it is uncured, check for any additives.

Cured VS Uncured Ham

Uncured Ham

Uncured ham is often a ham that is raw. Most often an uncured ham has no added preservatives that you are trying to avoid.

As you smoke your uncured ham, you will be adding flavors you prefer. You may or may not choose to brine or add a glaze, that will be your preference.

Cured Ham

A cured ham has gone through a process of preservation. Brining is the process of adding salt water for preservation. There are numerous methods of preserving food today such as refrigeration. Brining meats is still popular today because of the cost.

While preserving your food is necessary to prevent spoilage, you have other options available to you. In fact, you can still smoke a cured ham but you will not be in control of some seasonings.

Selecting The Right Ham

When choosing the right uncured ham, find one that is fresh, uncooked, or seasoned. You can find it at your local butcher shop or grocery store. Choose a high-quality ham for the best results.

hanging uncured ham

Preparing Your Uncured Ham

After selecting your ham, rinse it thoroughly before you begin trimming it for smoking. This helps remove any brine or moisture from the outside of the ham.

As you smoke your ham low and slow, you will find the smells coming from your grill increase your anticipation of the feast to come from your efforts.

Seasoning Your Uncured Ham

This is where your imagination can turn into expertise. Your imagination will inspire you to try new flavors for that exceptional dish you have been dreaming of.

You weigh your options for the proper seasonings for creating that mouth-watering ham. Remember, you are creating a masterful meal for your family, whether it is for the holidays, or just a memorable meal.

Some of the options available for your seasonings are a dry rub that may consist of salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, black pepper, sugar, brown sugar, rosemary, thyme, spices, and herbs.

Some people like a citrus flavor added to their ham such as orange in a glaze. You also have at your fingertips the seasonings to have a spicy ham that few could imagine.

You may also decide to use a commercial rub. If you do use a commercial rub on your ham, check the sodium percentage before you buy it. It may have more sodium than your diet allows. There are some all-natural rubs that have tremendous flavor and will be in your dietary range.

A common practice for cooking large pieces of meat is to use a marinade. Marinades are easy to prepare and may offer you the flavor you most desire. Many marinades have a citrus base which not only adds flavor but will also help tenderize your ham.

Some marinades require as little as 2 hours or as much as 24 hours. You will need to decide which is best for you. Remember you are going for that flavor no one else can duplicate. This is your signature profile and flavor.

Preparing Your Wood Pellet Grill

For the best results smoking an uncured ham on a wood pellet grill it is best to do a thorough cleaning of your grill. This includes the grates as well.

After cleaning you grill, fill the hopper with the flavor of wood pellets you prefer. Some of the more popular choices are cherry or apple. These flavors will give your ham a sweeter flavor.

There are other flavors available for the smoke flavor such as pecan, mesquite, or hickory. The pecan wood pellet has a lighter smoke flavor which many people prefer on their ham.

For the best results smoking an uncured ham, set the temperature on your wood pellet grill to 225F. Maintain this temperature throughout the smoking process. Allow 18-20 minutes per pound to smoke your ham.

Smoking Your Uncured Ham On A Wood Pellet Grill

Pit Boss 770FB Wood Pellet Grill

You now need to place your ham on your grill grates, some people use the upper grate. Most people use the grates just over the drip pan. Place your ham on the grates where you get the most consistent heat for long, slow cooks.

Every couple of hours check the internal temperature. At this time, if you so desire, you can baste or mop your ham to help it maintain its moisture content. This also adds additional flavor to your ham.

When you use a mop to spread your glaze on your ham this can help add even more flavor to it for all to enjoy.

If you select a ham that weighs 10 pounds, it will take between 5-7 hours to smoke. Check the internal temperature to verify that it has reached a temperature of 145F. Once it reaches this internal temperature, your ham is fully cooked.

The meat probe that is a part of your wood pellet grill allows you to keep a close eye on how well your meat is smoking. You need to be sure your ham is fully cooked before serving. This is to ensure that your family and friends have a meal that is not only delicious but safe to eat.

Time To Rest

Now that you have removed your smoked ham from the grill, you need to let it rest. The normal resting time is between 15-20 minutes. This allows the ham to reabsorb the juices and flavors that have been brought to the edge of the ham. Some of them may have cooked out, this is normal.

If you don’t let your ham rest and you try to carve it, you will have the moisture(juices) run out leaving you with a ham that is dry.

Final Thoughts

Smoking uncured ham can bring more flavor to your ham without any additional additives.

This will be something you will want to do on a regular basis. Some people feel that smoking ham should only be done during the holiday season. You don’t have to limit yourself to holidays only.

Finding the right ham may take some time if you don’t have a butcher’s shop available in your area. You can always check at your local grocery store.

Take a few extra minutes to trim your ham of excess skin or fat for your smoking process. This will help your ham absorb the flavors and smoke you are wanting to use.

Be sure to cook your ham low and slow to infuse maximum flavor into your ham. Meanwhile, your goal is to take it off the grill when the internal temperature reaches 145F.

After you take your ham off your wood pellet grill, let it rest. This allows the ham time to reabsorb the juices it has released. After 15-20 minutes of resting, it is time to slice your ham into serving sizes.

Taking risks and experimenting with new flavors only add to your knowledge and experience. You took the risk of smoking your own uncured ham not only for the experience but for flavor.

This helps you find new ways of grilling and reaching the mark of grill master or pitmaster from your hard work. Finally, you have successfully overcome your fear of trying new approaches to smoking and grilling.

In fact, your expertise in smoking has tremendously improved. Now assuming you have not smoked ham in the past, this gives you a favorite food to smoke for your family.

Video on Smoking An Uncured Ham

Process on an uncured ham

Smoking and Brining An Uncured Ham


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  1. Terry Avatar

    Smoking an uncured ham on a wood pellet grill sounds like a true culinary adventure! I would imagine the versatility of a wood pellet grill combined with your passion for creating flavorful meals would surely satisfy your guests’ appetites. I think embracing this journey of experimentation would also unlock a world of exciting flavors with other meats. Love the idea, I might try this out at our next family gathering. 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Experimenting with new flavors is always exciting and challenging for me. I admit there have been times that it did not work out well, but the anticipation and excitement of trying something new has always been a passion. At other times, my family has asked why I did not try that sooner.

      A wood pellet grill with the ability to control the temperature opens up new flavor profiles and cooking methods you would not have dreamed possible. I wish you the best on your next family gathering with the dishes you experiment with.


  2. Hello Jerry! I just finished reading your article Wood Pellet Grill, Smoking and Uncured Ham: A Flavorful Guide to Perfectly Smoked Delights. I’m not privy to the workings of smokers, I’ve never used one personally before. But, they look like they produce some very delicious food! I do enjoy barbequing different types of meat though. I love that you were firm about safety within your article when cooking ham. 

    As a former chef, I can’t stress that enough! Meat that is undercooked, can wreak complete havoc on your dinner gathering if you don’t temperature gauge your meats properly to make sure they are 100% safe for consumption. Super important! I’ve always enjoyed smoked, cured, or slow-cooked meats. They are far more tender, juicier, and flavorful than others. 

    Loved your article, Jerry! I’m not only drooling thinking about the fabulous culinary creations I could make if I owned a smoker/ smoker grill but, you may have almost convinced me to purchase one someday soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

    Thank you for such a great read! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to reading what your write next!

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      If you love to barbecue, then learning to smoke will be very easy for you. The most aspect of smoking any large cut of meat is temperature control. Low and slow is the best approach for delicious tasty food.

      You will not be disappointed when you purchase your wood pellet grill. If you are cramped for space, you may want to start out with a portable pellet grill. This way you can start getting the experience you seem to want.

      A  smoker can produce some incredible foods for your dining pleasure. Combine it with your skills as a chef and your friends and family will want you to cook for them on a regular basis.


  3. Akumendoh Avatar

    This article provides a great overview of the differences between cured and uncured hams and offers some helpful tips for smoking an uncured ham on a wood pellet grill. As someone who has never tried smoking a ham before, I found the article to be informative and easy to follow. I appreciated the emphasis on experimentation and finding the right flavors to suit your personal taste. I have a question about the recommended wood pellet flavors – are there any other types of wood pellets that would work well for smoking an uncured ham? Overall, this article has piqued my interest in trying my hand at smoking a ham and I look forward to putting some of these tips into practice.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Smoking ham is no different than smoking a brisket or pork shoulder, you need to allow plenty of time for the smoking process to work. This step-by-step guide gives you plenty of tips on how to smoke ham to your preferred taste. 

      There are a large variety of flavors of wood pellets available for you to try. Finding one that fits your taste will come from trying the different flavors until you find the one you like best. Good luck to you on your grilling journey.


  4. Brian Avatar

    What a fantastic article. I was just talking to a patient of mine the other day about using wood pellet grills for smoking. My boss, the week before, was telling me that he smokes meat regularly. I have always wanted to get started but have never pulled the trigger. Your article gives some good guidance and is motivating me even more to become a smoker! Thanks Brian

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      You will not be disappointed if you should buy a wood pellet grill. You open a different world of flavor and techniques to satisfy your taste buds. If your boss smokes meat on a regular basis, this gives you an added resource to go to for advice. Finding that you can master different flavors, textures, methods, and meals will be a journey that you find exciting and rewarding.


  5. Jabu Sibisi Avatar
    Jabu Sibisi

    Hi there Thrill for Grill rhymes nicely, well done. This is a great website quite informative about the whole grilling game. Do the grills that you promote come with any kind of guarantee. Often the product will not produce the kind of grills you have showcased on this website. Well done on that by the way.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      Jabu Sibisi,

      I thought the name for my website was appropriate since I enjoy grilling. It thrills me when I have cooked something my friends and family find flavorful and extraordinary. 

      The grills that I have featured all come with a guarantee of 2 – 5 years. It will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the have a well-trained support staff to help you overcome any problems you should have. I have never had a problem since I follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the grill. If I had a problem I looked at the owner’s manual for the solution.


  6. Kelly Smith Avatar
    Kelly Smith

    My husband loves to smoke pork butt, brisket, and chicken, but he hasn’t done ham just yet. I guess that will be next on his list! When you go to smoke the ham, do you add a binder to the ham before seasoning or do you add the dry rub directly to the ham? We have found that adding a binder helps a lot in keeping the seasoning in tact. 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      It sounds as if your husband creates some really special meals on the grill. That’s great. As far as a binder is concerned, you can use the one of your choice. They do help the rub stay better in some cases. I would caution you to find a binder that will not take away from the flavor you are trying to achieve. 

      You may want to try using a mop to apply a glaze on your ham. I would put some of the rub in the glaze in the beginning and then as I go through my glaze reduce the amount of the rub. This should give you an outstanding flavorful ham.


  7. Dale Avatar

    Hi Jerry, 

    Thanks for your helpful post. What do you recommend are good quality hams to look out for (uncured) at the butcher’s? Is there a prime time of age, color, or size to look out for? Also, are we simply best to ask the butcher which are the best quality hams before buying? 

    I was interested to learn about the different flavored wood pellets available for your grill. This, and your step by step instructions make this really easy for me to try smoking a ham, or any meat for that matter. 

    I like the clear, logical steps you have provided for the whole process. This is very helpful. What other meats do you recommend cooking using this method on a smoker?

    Well done!

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      If you are not experienced in buying an uncured ham, this is part of what I would look for. I would look for large areas of fat, you don’t want a ham that has a large amount of fat. I look for a ham that still has a pinkish color but one that is grey is ok. The grey color signifies that it has aged some.

      Some of the other meats I smoke are brisket, ribs, pork shoulder(butt), pork loin, and beef tenderloin. I am in the process of trying to smoke salmon. I can’t wait to try my hand at that.


  8. Steve Steve Avatar
    Steve Steve

    The article provides a comprehensive and detailed walkthrough of how to smoke an uncured ham using a wood pellet grill. What I found particularly impressive was the step-by-step instructions accompanied by vibrant photographs, which made the whole process feel approachable and achievable.

    The article not only highlights the necessary equipment and ingredients but also delves into the science behind the smoking process. It explains the role of different types of wood pellets and how they contribute to the flavors infused into the ham. This level of detail demonstrates a genuine passion for the art of smoking and a commitment to helping readers achieve the best possible results.

    I appreciated the inclusion of useful tips and techniques throughout the article. From brining the ham to achieving the perfect smoke level, the author provides valuable insights that can make a real difference in the final outcome. The article also suggests complementary rubs and glazes to enhance the flavor profile, elevating the culinary experience.

    Furthermore, the article emphasizes the importance of food safety and proper cooking temperatures to ensure a safe and delicious end result. This responsible approach to cooking is commendable and reassures readers that they can enjoy their smoked ham with confidence.

    Overall, “Wood Pellet Grill Smoking: An Uncured Ham” is a delightful and informative guide for barbecue enthusiasts and anyone looking to elevate their grilling skills. The article’s detailed instructions, helpful tips, and emphasis on food safety make it a valuable resource. It’s an inspiring read that not only educates but also ignites the desire to create flavorful and perfectly smoked delights.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      I strive to give relevant information to any article I write. I have found that if a person who has no experience reads one of my articles and doesn’t gain any knowledge from my article then I have failed. I firmly believe that many people would enjoy grilling, smoking, or cooking on a wood pellet grill more if they had better information. In my approach, people have good information available that they can bookmark and come back to for a deeper understanding.


  9. LineCowley Avatar

    Smoking an uncured ham seems to be fairly straight forward with the process and advise that you share here. I am confused though because you mention that uncured ham hasn’t been put into brine. Yet when preparing the uncured ham, you say to trimm the ham before smoking, as this will remove excess brine from the outside. So would this be brine that was rubbed on the outside/ But then it is not uncured? Can you please clarify.

    How long will the uncured smoked ham last before it goes off? Is it the same length of time as a ham that has been cured in brine? Or shorter? Thank you

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      Line Cowley,

      There are some hams that are marked as uncured but have been through the brining process for preservation. I always check the labels to make sure it has not been brined. Many companies are now offering hams that are raw and have not been brined. It is always good to check the labels for brining, added sodium, added water, or flavors. You can still smoke a ham that has been brined or make your own brine. Find the seasonings you prefer when you get ready to smoke and enjoy the treat you have created.


  10. pasindu dimanka Avatar
    pasindu dimanka

    The article on smoking an uncured ham using a wood pellet grill is a flavorful guide that provides valuable insights and tips for achieving perfectly smoked delights. I found this article to be informative, well-written, and engaging, making it a great resource for both beginners and experienced grill enthusiasts.

    this article serves as an excellent guide for anyone interested in smoking an uncured ham using a wood pellet grill. The detailed instructions, helpful tips, and flavorful suggestions make it a valuable resource for achieving delicious and perfectly smoked delights. I feel inspired and confident to try this technique myself and explore the wonderful world of wood pellet grill smoking.

    Thank you for sharing their expertise and passion for grilling in this informative article. It has certainly heightened my interest in using a wood pellet grill for smoking and opened up a new realm of flavor possibilities for me to explore.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      Pasindu Dimanka,

      I try to give good solid information to my audience. If they are new or expert grillers, there is plenty of information. I learn from experimenting with flavors an other grill masters.

      By giving detailed instructions, you can bookmark the article and refer to it as needed.ย 

      I am glad this inspires you to want to learn more about wood pellet grills. This could lead to you becoming an expert in your community that others seek out for information.


    2. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      Panindu Dimanka,

      I intend that all who come to my website find it informative. I always try to give my audience more than what they were looking for.

      It is meant to inspire people to look at grilling differently and that with the right education, you can become a grill master in your own right.

      You will find using the information I have provided that delicious wonders await you.


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