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Personal Information


Hi, my name is Jerry, I thought I would share a little about myself. I am 60 years of age and have lived most of my life in the southern United States, specifically in Texas – a country all its own. I have been married 34 years, have 3 sons, 2 grandsons and 2granddaughters. I like to read, fish, solve puzzles, play some computer games. I fish when I can. I also go camping. Camping is basically where I learned to grill.


The Thrill for the Grill


I watched as I grew up my father, grandfather and uncles grill on a Saturday or Sunday. It seemed like a lot of work to me and I was not very interested at the time. I came to realize that there was more to it than put your meat on  a rack over some  hot charcoal and wait for it to be done(mostly overcooked and dry).  After I married my wife, we both found that our experiences with grilling were basically the same – overcooked, dried-out meat- we started to experiment with different ways to grill. We found that for us the best way was to slow cook over low temps mostly around 225-250 and we extended our cook time by a few minutes, this gave us amazing results. Our food(not just meat) was moist, flavorful, tender and worth the extra time it took to cook. People are always asking for our recipes which we could not give them at the time, but in coming months we will have a grilling recipe book out(watch for the times that it will be out).  At any rate this is part of the reason that I love to grill.


Always up for grilling,


If you should need more information contact me at weatlthy6483@musicallydelicious.com.