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The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill Creates Amazing Flavor – Review

How to Create Amazing Flavor With the Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill is easy after learning how to use the firebox. You will learn how to grill for a tasty savory and smoky flavor. We have all seen reviews, some are honest, others are not. I will give you my unvarnished opinion of how to create amazing flavor with the Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill and hold nothing back.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pit Boss Grills good grills?

If you are in the market for a good grill that is affordable and great for family gatherings, then the Pit Boss is the grill for you.

The Pit Boss PB440D2 allows you to learn about becoming the next Pitmaster. Now you have the opportunity to gain experience with your grilling. Gaining this experience helps you become a Pitmaster in your own right, which increases your confidence.

After all, a great grilling experience is what you want to achieve. Your passion for grilled and smoked food is what led you to buy the PB440D2. This is the time to show your passion for grilling and achieving great flavors.

The Pit Boss PB440D2 Has Some Great Features

The PB440D2 Grill allows you to gain experience to become a Pitmaster as you learn. As you learn about heat management, you find that it is easier with practice. Soon you will find that you are looking for ways or excuses to grill or smoke for your family and friends.

You will notice your PB440D2 grill is light it is in comparison to similar grills. This lighter weight is deceptive since you have a grill that is designed to last for years. You have a three-year limited warranty. By doing proper cleaning and maintenance after or during each use not only lengthens the life of your grill but also helps maintain the warranty.

With proper maintenance, you will get years of use of your Pit Boss PB440D2. The size is just right for learning all about pellet grills and how they function.

The Pit Boss PIT-BOSS-PB440D2-Pellet Grill
PB440D2 Charcoal Grill for Beginners
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Quick Overview of the Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill

Model NamePB440D2
Power SourceWood Pellet
Item Dimensions LxWxH50.2 x 24.02 x 39.8 inches

Your Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill Is Easy To Assembly

When you are attempting something for the first time, your confidence may be low since you have never assembled a grill. In my case; it was due to a lack of experience. I found that following the directions was easy peasy. The first thing I did was look for the owner’s manual. Following the owner’s manual kept me from making some serious mistakes, which allowed me to assemble my grill without mistakes. Following the directions in the owner’s manual helped me keep my frustration level low.

After reading the owner’s manual, the first thing I did was read the instructions. I then used the owner’s guide to make sure all the parts were there. Once I had made sure the parts were there; I began the process of putting the grill together with little trouble.

The Pit Boss website also includes some helpful tips on assembling your pellet grill to get the most use from your grill. These tips will also give you knowledge about what the best temperature is for smoking.

Cleaning That New Pit Boss PB440D2 Before Grilling

Some housekeeping must be done before using that new pellet grill; these housekeeping chores help you obtain the best grilling experience and best flavor. You will need to do a first burn which helps clean the grates and cooking chamber of residue. The grill grates need to be cleaned and the firebox will also need to be cleaned.

Create Amazing Flavor With The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill
Cleaning Brush for Your Grill The Pit Boss PB440 D2 Grill

This process may take some time, but there are no toxic chemicals used. Taking the time to clean the porcelain grill grates will add years of life to the grates and grill; it also helps you have better-tasting food. Just use caution as with any cleaning process.

Another trick, I have found to help prevent sticking is to take some paper towels, soak them with olive oil, and run the paper towel across the grill grates to prepare them for grilling.

Your attention to detail helps keep your grill looking new but, will also have it ready to grill or smoke at a moment’s notice. You have entered a time when your grilled food is sought after for its great flavor.

Temperature Control With The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill Is Easy

Learning how to use the control panel of the Pit Boss helps keep your temperature stable, it stabilizes the temperature constant throughout the cooking process. With the Bluetooth feature on your phone, you can link your phone and grill setting your temperature and time. This feature allows you to check your temperature at a glance. You will also need a digital thermometer to check the doneness of your food.

To start getting experience on your pellet grill is to start with something small, perhaps a chicken, it is easy to prepare and forgiving during the cooking process.

If you want to grill hot dogs, steaks, or hamburgers as a way to get some experience with the pellet grill, you will need to remove the fire shield so you are cooking directly over the flame. When cooking over an open flame, remember to check for doneness more often, This gives you another way to learn about spices and herbs that give the best flavor.

Grilling vegetables is similar to grilling meats, remember vegetables and fruits have more water than meat. You will need to keep a closer watch on your vegetables and fruits when grilling. Putting olive oil on your fruits and vegetables before grilling them helps them cook more evenly and reduces them from burning.

Choosing Your Flavors For The Pit Boss

Experimenting with herbs and spices helps you find the flavor you like most. Some foods take fewer spices than other food. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and may even try to get your recipe As you develop your knowledge of herbs and spices, you find yourself on a path of self-discovery that brings about a better grilling experience with more savory recipes.

Your Pit Boss allows you to choose your which flavors are best to create mouth-watering recipes with unique flavors. Experimentation has allowed you to find different flavors that have helped create your signature flavor and increased your passion for grilling.

The more you experiment with herbs and spices you find there is a science behind the flavor. Making videos allows you an insight into what mistakes were made and which ones were a success. Taking the time to research your herbs and spices gives you an edge on someone who just goes with what is available, There are also some excellent books that not only give tips on flavor but have recipes as well.

Experienced grillers may want to smoke something such as a pork butt on the new Pit Boss PB440D2 to find out how well it smokes. Experience grillers have learned which meats to choose for the first time on the Pit Boss may take you a little time to select.

Selecting flavored wood pellets for the desired flavor, that is desired will help determine which herbs and spices are needed. Some herbs and spices do not go well with some available wood flavors. Some wood pellet flavors are pecan, cherry, hickory, mesquite, and maple. Choosing the right wood along with the right spice makes for a great smoking experience. Finding the right combination takes time, research, and experimentation.

The Right Heat Gives Great Results on Your PB440D2 Grill

Now that you have mastered heat management, there will be little to stop you from your dream of becoming a Pitmaster. Your experience grill now allows you to cook at different temperatures and different times. As you have gained experience you have found the Pit Boss allows you to grill more frequently and more items. You no longer have to worry about temperature control Pit Boss has that covered.

Learning about flavor, cooking times, and heat has encouraged you to record your recipes and make videos for future reference. Developing these skills has helped grow your confidence in your recipes, flavors, and grilling.

Your experience with your grilling and smoking has helped you find your preferred flavor. Many people stay with one flavor, however, your Pit Boss PB440D2 has allowed you the freedom to try new recipes, develop recipes and become passionate about what you do.

Trying new recipes or recommendations for a particular cut of meat is no longer a problem, you are beginning to master your Pit Boss PB440D2. At times you did not achieve the results you wanted but, that is part of the learning curve as with all new knowledge. Your skills are getting better on your road to becoming a Pitmaster. As you gain more experience and confidence, your goal of becoming a Pitmaster is getting closer.

Your Pit Boss PB440D2 is Portable

wood pellet grill
Pit Boss PB440D2
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The Pit Boss PB440D2

During the assembly process, one feature you have come to love is, that your grill is portable. You can move it from one place to another on your patio for convenience. This is important for those windy days. Windy days can be a problem with the airflow, you may need to change the position of your grill for proper airflow. We all have our favorite spots to set our grills up but you need to maintain the right airflow.

Just as with any grill, you need to have the right airflow to grill or smoke properly. If you have windy conditions change how your grill is set up. You will want to move it just a little to cut down on the amount of wind that causes your firebox to burn faster. This can cause you to get a false reading on your screen.

Taking a few minutes to block out the wind or reducing the amount of wind will make the difference between a great grilling experience or a total bust.


  1. Easy to put together following the owner’s manual.
  2. Cooks items at a consistent temperature for the desired length of time
  3. Cleanup is a breeze. It does not take any time to clean the grates after grilling. The firebox is easy to clean once the box has cooled.


  1. Temperature control may not work properly and cause a fire.
  2. The slide plate bypasses the louvers and causes a hot spot in the middle of the grill causing a quick cook time.
  3. The temperature gauge onscreen will display a hot temperature while the temperature gauge on the grill will display in the low to the mid-200-degree range.

My Thoughts On The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill

After reviewing the Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill, I find that this pellet grill would make a great addition to anyone wanting to start their path to becoming a Pitmaster. The learning curve for the PB440D2 is small, it takes very little time to master this grill and its features.

It may take a bit of time to adjust your way of grilling with the Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill. The affordability of this grill makes it a treasure you will enjoy. The value of this grill only increases with the amount of time you use it.

You have the tools at your disposal to become a Pitmaster. Now you will find that you are grilling more than using your kitchen. The days of having someone else do the grilling for you have long since disappeared. Mastering the grill is something you have long dreamed of and now your dream is coming true. You will often have friends and family over for another one of your grilling adventures.

This pellet grill offers you a way to expand your knowledge of grilling. Using that newfound knowledge has made you more confident about your abilities to grill for yourself and others. You will find excuses to use your Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill. Applying your knowledge of your grill makes your desire to grill for others overwhelming. You will start making your recipes and looking for ways to experiment.

This Video Has Some Helpful Hints For Assembling Your Grill

This video is of a similar grill from Pit Boss but the directions are the same. This video gives great information on assembling the Pit Boss PB440D2.

Cleaning Your Grill Grates For The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill

This video shows how to clean the porcelain grates thoroughly. Having clean grates makes sure that food will be grilled or smoked with little amount chance of sticking.

Pit Boss Easy Assembly

Easy Cleaning Of Your Grates

Noah Cleans Your Grates


20 responses to “The Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill Creates Amazing Flavor – Review”

  1. Anusuya Avatar

    This is an excellent review on Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill.

    The video is a great addition to help you more and get your grilling made easier.

    Everything new needs practice to get acquainted to make your better at it.

    Giving yourself time will help you.

    I love perfectly grilled vegetables and will put my learning to eat to enjoy summer week ends with my friends outsided

    The setting up the grill with cleaned fittings make your like easy. 

    Learn the pros and cons to leverage your grilling practice.

    Cleaning seems fairly easy. 

    One thing I like to know this this wood pellet burning an environment concern?

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Using this grill should not be a hazard to the community. The pellets are made from pressed wood and has no artificial binders to hold the pellets together.

      You are right when you say that it takes time to get adjusted to a new device for grilling. There is always a learning curve.

      Thanks for reading and commentin.


  2. GVporras Avatar

    Thank you for making this great review about this Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill overall seems to be a great smoker and easy to use, plus for only $ 305 dollars is not that bad for what we can do with this grill, I love grilling almost all my food from burger, vegetables, fish etc. I love the flavor that a smokers gives to food.

    My only concern about this grill is Temperature control that not work properly and cause a fire but I think I can deal with it.

    I can wait to try this grill thank you

    Do you have any recommendations for a grill cover for this grill? I rather buy everything together at the same time.

    God Bless You 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Thanks for the question about the grill cover. There is one that you can buy either at Amazon or from Pit Boss. You may even get a deal at Amazon if you order from them, this could actually give you a larger discount on the overall purchase.

      You will be able to grill or smoke almost anything on this grill. It just takes a bit of time getting used to the way it works.


  3. David Nelly Avatar
    David Nelly

    That does look like a pretty sweet grill, and thanks for providing a good reference guide youtube video for the assembly process. I personally have a lot of experience with the Napolean Preistiege grill! My favorite recipe to cook is Bobby Flay’s perfectly grilled steak. Do you have any recipe books or websites that you like to use?

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy

      My favorite book is authored by Steven Raichlen called Project Smoke. It has some great techniques and recipes that I have used in the past. I also like to watch Meathead on You Tube. He also gives some great information.

      The assembly process is straightforward and easy to follow.


  4. Jenny Hennig Avatar
    Jenny Hennig

    Hi Jerry,

    I am excited for some nice weather to sit on my patio and enjoy the grilling season!  The Pit Boss looks like a great grill, I do like that it is not overly huge as some grills are and that it is portable, in case I want to move it to a better spot depending on where my guests are seated or if the wind picks up.

    My husband is the main “grill master” in the house, I do like how you included video instructions of how to put this grill together because he rarely reads the manual.

    Great tip on wiping the grill grates with a paper towel and olive oil to prevent sticking, I’ll be sure to pass that on to my husband.


    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Thanks for reading and commenting. This Pit Boss is able to handle almost anything you may want to grill or smoke. The portability of this grill is a great opportunity for changing the atmosphere of your grilling area. You can move it to a place where it is not the focal point of your patio but still have the ability to grill and serve your guests with ease. I found the video to be very helpful since so many people were having problems putting it together.


  5. Barry Amadasun Avatar
    Barry Amadasun

    This article a good and really interesting, love it here keep it up

    Thank you for making this great review about this Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill overall seems to be a great smoker and easy to use, plus for only $ 305 dollars is not that bad for what we can do with this grill, I love grilling almost all my food from burger, vegetables, fish etc. I love the flavor that a smokers gives to food.

    My only concern about this grill is Temperature control that not work properly and cause a fire but I think I can deal with it.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      They have been working on that particular issue with the firebox and the control. They feel they have solved the problems with fire. 

      I agree with you that there is no flavor better than food grilled with smoke. It has a flavor that can’t be duplicated. This smoker is very easy to use.


  6. rufat Avatar

    This is an amazing review of grill machine or how you call it. I really like that you wrote a realistic review and added video to make it even more helpful. I think this type of grill is an excellent opportunity to make our life more interesting and enjoy some good food. I have a small copy of such a grill at home and can say it is highly recommended to have such a grill. We love it and can’t imagine how we lived without it before. This one reviewed by you is even better than mine. And I see that the price is affordable. 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Grilling is a way of life for a great number of people. Grilling is done in all parts of the world, just by different names. Grilling gives you the opportunity to enjoy your food the way it has been prepared for thousands of years. We all have our specific tastes that we enjoy. Grilling gives you the opportunity to explore what taste you prefer.


  7. Jannette Avatar

    Now that I and my husband no longer drive over the road, we can buy a grill and create amazing flavors such as the Pit Boss. Need to start eating more healthier and knowing how to create amazing flavor for our foods with the pit boss will help. Healthier eating is a must for me now and I need great flavor so I will not stop eating. 

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Now that you have more opportunities to grill, find the grill that works best for you. I have found since I started grilling more often that I am healthier. I have even been able to come off some of my medications.

      You will find that you can experiment with flavors more easily on the grill than you can indoors. I recommend reading the book “Project Smoke” by Steven Raichlen. It has some great information in it.


  8. Marlene Avatar

    This is an excellent review on Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill, great job Jerry.  The best part is the video “Learn with Noah- Cleaning porcelain grill grates”, he is just cute as a button.  I was looking for the next video of the next day though, it’s not there…lol.  

    I do not own one of these amazing grills, but I’ve had the opportunity to use one before.  I totally agree, this is the grill for me.  I loved it, and I want one.  I love cooking outdoors, and this is the grill to have.  For a great cooking experience, I also recommend the Pit Boss PB440D2 Pellet Grill.  

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      Noah is adorable, but I was unable to find what the grill grates looked like the next day. I have used that particular method in the past and it is amazing at how clean the grates become. Cooking with the Pit Boss PB440D2 is easy to master and gives you plenty of options on the technique you use.


  9. Michelle Avatar

    Enjoyed reading this review of the Pit Boss PB440D2 grill. You really have got me salivating for something off the grill now! Thank you also for the tip about cleaning before you use to cook. I have never really thought about that before.

    What flavours do you think would work best on smoking some fish? Just your average cod or haddock. I would love to try smoking the fish this year once we pull our grill out.

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      For some people now is the beginning of the grilling season, but I grill year round. Cleaning your grill is a big must, you don’t want to take the chance of becoming ill from cooking on a dirty grill grate. I normally use garlic, chives, tarragon and dill. You will want to experiment to find the flavors that you like best.


  10. Canty Avatar

    This review on the ‘How to Create Amazing Flavor With the Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill’ offers some valuable pointers. Although I am not a very experienced griller, I have been known to get a steak or two right. When using this type of grill, is the cooking heat like a gas or charcoal grill? Can the temperature be controlled the same way?

    1. Jerry McCoy Avatar
      Jerry McCoy


      When you use the Pit Boss PB440D2 Grill, it is very similar to cooking with charcoal. The biggest difference is the pellets are fed into the fire zone by the regulator. The regulator is Bluetooth and will stay at the temperature you set it at. The temperature is on the control panel, you just set it and when it gets to the right temperature begin grilling.


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