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Wood Pellet Grill LEXINGTON 540 SQ IN Of Awesome – Review

The Pit Boss Lexington wood pellet grill has great options for preparing your meal with a light smoke flavor. You like a light smoke flavor when you grill and the Lexington pellet grill does just that. The Lexington pellet grill gives you eight options for cooking. Each of these options creates the flavor you crave with very little effort on your part. These options will be discussed later in this review.

This small, but mighty grill gives you 540 square inches of room, so you can prepare some of your favorite dishes, including pizza. You can smoke a brisket or turkey, and grill your favorite steak(including sear). Now, you can smoke fall off the bone ribs, and so much more with the push of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Lexington Wood Pellet Grill

What is the smoke setting on the Pit Boss Lexington?

The smoke setting for the Lexington pellet grill is between 175F – 255F. Start your grill with the lid open to get the smoke started then close the lid to keep smoke in for smoking.

Quick Overview Of The Lexington Wood Pellet Grill

Wood Pellet Grill
Pit Boss Lexington Wood Pellet Grill

Two tiers of porcelain-coated cooking racks

Two meat probe ports with one meat probe included

Fueled by 100% all-natural hardwood pellets

15 lb hopper capacity

Up to 17 hours of continuous smoking

Built-in fan-forced convection

Easy-to-clean grease management system

Built-in bottom shelf

Two quick maneuvering sport wheels

High-temperature copper hammer tone finish

Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue, or char-grill to perfection

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Unboxing Your Lexington

Pit Boss has already pre-assembled part of your grill for you, the hopper has already been assembled for you. Not only does this make shipping easier, but it also saves you much-needed time and labor. At the back of the manual, Pit Boss has a great surprise for you, recipes for the different types of cooking on your new Lexington Pellet Grill. Pit Boss Grill Specials will also give you a list of specials that may help you with your future grilling projects.

If these recipes aren’t what you are looking for then go to the Pit Boss website for more recipes.

The Preheat Is One Of The Most Important Steps

Camp Chef Pellet Grill
Camp Chef Pellet Grill

As a beginner, you want to get the most out of your new wood pellet grill. The assembly of your grill went smoothly after reading and following the manual. Just to be on the safe side, you also watched some videos that gave you some visual clues on the assembly process.

You have learned that there are eight different ways to cook on your new wood pellet grill. The taste of something smoked, grilled or seared is getting stronger. You have always heard that pizza on the grill is amazing and you want to try your hand at it. This grill gives you that option along with the option to bake pies or even do biscuits.

What Grilling Ideas Can I Use?

You have read the recipes in the back of the manual but, they don’t seem to be what you are looking for. To find some amazing recipes for your Lexington Pit Boss grill, go to the Pit Boss website for additional recipes.

Not finding the recipe you want, then check out some of the recipes online. Some of the best recipes come from websites like The Spruce Eats, Epicurious, and Taste of Home. These are just some of the places that have great recipes for beginners. You can also go to Amazon and order recipe books as well.

There is any number of places where you can buy a grilling cookbook for any item that can be grilled, smoked, braised, or baked. You will need to know how well the book will cover what you want to cook. I always look for books that will give me tips on how to improve my skills when grilling.

What Are Different Types Of Tools For Grilling

As master grillers, specific types of tools will come in handy. Tools for cleaning, injecting, basting, and flipping. Choosing the right tools can make a rainy day sunny.

There are a variety of tools that you will need when grilling. In the picture to the right, you will find tongs, a baster brush, a spatula, a cleaning brush, and a large fork, all of these will be needed at some point when grilling.

Each tool has a specific function, but when used together makes your grilling experience much easier and creates a better grilling experience.

Wood Pellet Grills
Different Tools Used In Grilling
wood pellet grill
Lexington Wood Pellet Grill
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  • This grill gives you eight options on how to best use your 540 square inches for cooking.
  • Following the manual, it is easy to assemble with one person or with two people.
  • This grill maintains its temperature well when you follow the directions.


  • Control Board may not work accurately after 6 months.
  • Difficult to clean after use.
  • Paint comes off the bottom easily.

My Thoughts On The Lexington Wood Pellet Grill

This is a great grill for beginners to start out using. The manual that is included will give you recipes and tips on how to get the most out of your Lexington. Following the recipes allows you to find the flavor profile you like most.

The size of this grill, while small, is a great way to learn to cook on a pellet grill. There will have less wasted effort and better results with the Lexington grill. This grill is great for those with just a couple of people in the household, you can make your portion sizes for each person without wasting money.

While sitting on my patio having a great time drinking tea, or other beverages with my friends, I can relax and let my Lexington do the work for me. If I am just enjoying some quiet time and want to learn about other things, I have the option to learn how to make videos.

This Video Has More Tips For Your First Burn

Before that can happen you have to do what is called a first burn. This will make sure that any residue from the manufacturing process is gone. Another reason to do the first burn is to keep your food tasting the way you want it to taste. Your manual has all the information in it but the following video shows it in more detail.

The Lexington Pellet Grill First Burn

First Burn On The Pit Boss

This is a great grill for the money. You will find the learning curve on your Lexington pellet grill is small but thorough. You will be smoking like the pros in no time. Once you learn all the features of this grill, you will not want any other. You have learned how to assemble your grill, use the recipes and now cook for smoke and flavor. You have found the grill that is best suited for you.


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