Benefits of Grilling

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I have found that grilling adds more flavor to most foods. When you first bite into something that just came off the grill and that burst of flavor hits your taste buds it is almost magical. The flavors seem to be more robust than when cooking inside. It does not matter which type of grill you use – the food just tastes better. If you use the right blend of seasonings you will find that the flavor is enhanced 1000%. Depending upon your tastes you can make some things more flavorful by grilling specific fruits with different types of meats ; for example grilling apples with pork or pineapple depending upon how sweet you want it to be. I generally grill the apple or pineapple off to one side. Using a cedar plank with Salmon gives it a nice smoky flavor while the Salmon remains moist and tender. I sometimes use apple juice as a moisturizer next to the charcoal, you may put it in a sauce pan or small container that will hold up to the heat on a grill whether the grill is gas or charcoal.

Dietary Benefits

When grilling you do one thing that while making your food flavorful-you seal the outside so that the vitamins and minerals stay in your food. You also have the fat naturally drained away since there is no container that you are cooking in. You keep more of the fatty acids that are beneficial to you, beta carotene, b complex vitamins. You get the idea. You are getting rid of most of the bad and keeping most of the good.